Are You A Donor?

Many moons ago, after losing my teaching job, and trying to figure out how to make ends meet, a friend suggested I become a tutor for the AOL Ask-A-Tutor program. I thought about it, and decided to sign up. I had to go through training, and after that, I started helping in the English tutoring room. The incentive allowed me to get AOL for free each month, about a $21 savings. That was my initiative for joining. But after several months, I started becoming friends with some of the other teachers, and it became more of a social gathering besides just helping students. I tutored at least 4 hours a week, sometimes more, and it was a pretty good time!

A few years ago, AOL stupidly shut down the tutoring program. I soon become an ex-customer of AOL, and found out a bit later that some of the people from the tutoring program had created a new program that gave free tutoring to students from all over the world. I decided to continue to be a volunteer, and I've been doing it since. Not too many of the tutors I used to work with on AOL came to PATH, but I did keep in touch with several. One of them who is still working with us is Dave. He's a pretty funny guy! What I admire about him most is the passion he has for organ donation awareness. It began when he decided one day while renewing his license to sign his card for donation. Unfortunately, organ donation hit so close to home when he lost his daughter, Carrie, when she was 18. In his grief, he agreed to let the doctors use any organs they could to save others. What an incredible gift to give while trying to deal with such a sad loss. Dave has been able to meet the woman who received Carrie's lungs, and they've really become a part of each other's lives. Recently, Dave agreed to be interviewed about organ donation where he lives, in Maryland. If you'd like to see his interview, please click here.

Organ donation is such an important part of the cycle of life. Out of tragedies, another life can be saved. When someone dies, their organs can no longer be used. Instead of burying perfectly good organs, why not donate them to continue the life of someone who so desparately needs it? Even if someone can't donate certain organs because of disease, something can be used! Skin tissues, corneas, even bone sometimes, can be transplanted. Please consider organ donation if you haven't already become a donor. And make sure you discuss it with family. They need to know your wishes of being a donor, too!


shannysnewlungs said…
My journey has changed too from being a teacher to now preparing myself for Lung transplant, so yes I am also passionate about organ donation. I have always been even before my illness. I will teach again! I will also teach about organ donation to the kids, in Ontario they have started a program in highschool stressing the importance of organ donation. Sign your cards people!
Anonymous said…
Wow...Great sorry about the loss of Dave's daughter...

Organ donation is so very important as we all know...Thanks for sharing that story.

BTW...Love the Christmas background Loca..I need to change mine ..
Luv ya..Hugs :))
Tina Silks said…
I was on the UNOS list for 2 years, but started doing very well with my PH now I'm on standby in case I ever need to go back on...donation is truly important!!!

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