Good Deals

I had planned on going out to some stores at the mall tomorrow after pulmonary rehab, but after I watched the news tonight, I decided to just venture out. Also, something had burned upstairs, and the smell was bothering my lungs! I needed to just get out anyway. So, I did! It was off to KB Toystore first, which is going out of business. I'm really sad about this. It's the first place I go to when I need to get a gift for a child, because they have some good items at decent prices I can afford. Other than Big Lots, which doesn't always have a lot of toy options, Target and Walmart are the two places left to buy toys in Niagara Falls. Toys R Us is out on the boulevard, and I'm not driving half an hour to shop at a toy store! Anyway, I found toys for the two kids who have upcoming birthdays that I will be celebrating with, and off I went to another section of the mall. I had to drive closer to that section, because it was quite a distance, and there was no way I was walking that! The winds tonight were pretty gusty, something I didn't realize until I had gone out, but it wasn't very cold out, so it seemed to be fine to me.

The second store I went to was Bath & Body. I wanted to exchange a lotion I kept for myself from the lotions I had bought as Christmas gifts. I had one leftover, and I wanted to keep the pumpkin one, since I liked the smell when I sniffed it in the store in September. However, wearing it on myself was a different story! I thought my lungs were going to take off and run! So I stood in the line waiting for one of the girls behind the counter to help me, so I could just make sure I could exchange it (I knew they would, they know people don't care for certain scents, so they can't just say no!). One of the employees was on the other side of the counter with her back to me, and when she turned around, my heart did a little flip. It was my ex-best friend. Now, I do see her from time to time, but not often. I was just surprised to see her. I said hi, and she said hey, and then went back to what she was doing. I got called to the counter, and was told that yes, I could exchange, so off I went to browse for better scents! I picked up a Coconut Lime, which I do like because I have the spray. I looked some more, and found a Mandarin Orange. YUMMY!! The lotions are on sale right now for $3 each (a $6.50 savings, although I think they should sell them for that much all the time), and I figured I could swing 3 bucks for an extra lotion. So, back up to the counter I went. The ex-best friend was behind the counter, and she actually asked how I was doing. I just told her good, not much had changed, and she said same with her. It just feels weird sometimes talking to her. I miss her every once in awhile, we had a friendship for over 20 years. But I know that ending it was a good thing, and I don't really regret doing it. Most of the time, anyway. But I digress (again). I got the lotions, and was pretty happy!

I walked across the hall to Old Navy, where I was hoping to spend my gift card from Dee on something in there. They had a lot of sales, 60% off on many items, so I started looking around. Old Navy has truly disappointed me lately with the quality of their clothes. I remember buying tank tops from them about 5 years ago, and the next year, they must have gone with a different manufacturer because the quality of the tank tops the next summer went downhill big time. Anyway, I searched the store, found a few things I thought were ok, but wasn't entirely thrilled about, and thought maybe I'd use the card another time. When I got back up to the front, I went to a table that had "sweaters (hard to call them sweaters when they were rather thin compared to sweaters I do own!)" on it that were 60% off of $25. Never would I spend $25 of them, but with 60% off? Sure, why not?? So I finally had 2 colors I couldn't decide between: a pretty aqua, or a nice purply-pinkish shade. I finally decided to go with the aqua, but it took about 10 minutes for me to decide! I went up to pay for it, and it was $10. That was it?? When I got the change from the gift card, and I went near the front of the store, I looked in my wallet. Ooooooo, I had exactly $10 in bills left! And I knew I had the change for tax. Sooooo, I went back and got the purply-pinkish one! Yay!!

I left the store, and then went to the exit where my car was. When I opened the door, the wind shot it open so hard I nearly went with it!! Thank goodness my car was right there in the handicap spot, so I didn't have too far to walk. I got in, got myself home, got my purchaes in the house, and was happy that I actually did get out tonight to go to the stores. I think it was needed, and I think trying to go after rehab tomorrow would have wiped me out! So now it's off to bed so I will hopefully get up earlier than I have been in order to actually go to the gym!!


Nancy said…
I love to bargain shop, too. I live too far away (120 miles) from any mall, so my shopping is limited to Kmart and Walmart and some small local stores.

I ventured out yesterday and found some slacks for $6 a pair at Kmart and some Christmas clearance items. I found some placemats that match my dishes perfectly. While at Kmart, I ran into my support group co-leader so we ate lunch together and made some plans for the group for 2009. It was a full afternoon, and I was tired when I got home.
Anonymous said…
Wow..great deals:)) I know I would love the teal sweater..I am happy you got both:)
How strange seeing your Ex best friend..I guess that felt weird..

Take care

Love & hugs,

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