Most people know I make jewelry, but I also thought I'd mention that my sister, Mandy, has been making really really really beautiful glass pendants. I'm not just saying that because she is my sister! I am an addict of anything glass, and every time I go to her house, I want to look at her pendants because I JUST LOVE THEM. lol Anyway, she now has an Etsy store, the same site where I have mine. Please take the time to browse and perhaps purchase something!! She has quite a bit up, but I know she's still working to post more. So save the site! hehe

And by the way, here's my site again, just because!

Thanks for looking!! :)


Nancy said…
Beautiful items in both stores. Both of you are talented. All of the items make me wish that I wore jewelry.
Anonymous said…
Wow..You girls do such great work:) I am so not crafty..LOL
Wish I had some extra cash to get some things but not at the Holidays..maybe later..

Have a great Friday:))

Love & hugs,

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