It Came! And It's Coming Again Tomorrow!!

So, the snow came yesterday. Started around 8am, I think, and sorta tapered off here after 4pm. The Niagara region got the most snow out of all of Western NY. Some areas saw a foot of the white stuff! If I had to guess, I would say there are at least 9 inches out there. I've never been good at judging how much snow is around. I would go out there with a yardstick if it wasn't so darn cold!! We're supposed to be getting another storm tomorrow, with a few more inches, but the winds are going to be really bad. I'll be staying warm again in the house!! Here are a few pics!

This is the view outside my bathroom window. The tire tracks on the sidewalk are from a neighbor who lives a block over. He drives around in an ATV with a small plow, and drives around the area "shoveling" certain people's sidewalks. We've known him for years, and I am glad he comes down my sidewalk!

A picture of part of my backyard and the house across the street. I took this from my bedroom window!
Here's another shot from my bedroom window. My dad plowed the driveway, and pushed the snow into a small hill in the back. He used to make huge hills when we were kids at their house! We had good times on those hills!! I almost feel like going to play on this mini-hill. Naaaaaa!! lol
Here's a shot from the computer room. The deceiving sun was out for awhile this afternoon, making the snow look pretty! I don't know if you can really tell how deep the snow is from the front sidewalk. In the shaded part of the picture, the sidewalk looks like a small well or ditch. lol
Besides taking pics of snow, I also took a bunch of pics of jewelry stuff I did awhile ago, and a necklace set I made yesterday. I wanted to work on another one today, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I've just been doing little things here and there so far today, to make myself a little productive. I'm starting to get a wicked headache for some reason, so I'm off to take it easy! Maybe read for a bit, and drift to sleep for a small nap before dinner!!


Jen said…
LMAO...Oops..I am sorry I saw..IT ..and thought that was the old post...I did not even scroll down..Thx for the hint..hehehe

Man,I am getting the chills just looking at that;)
Stay warm and indoors for sure..I am surprised the mail came at all..Does that mean you got your meds too?Thx for the pics!!!!

Love & Hugs,

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