My Own Gym??


I had a good workout today at pulmonary rehab! This is good, considering the last time I exercised was a week ago, and it didn't go too well. I walked on the treadmill at home, because it was freezing out. I barely made it to 6 minutes, and I felt so tired. I wasn't feel top notch, so I guess that was the reason I didn't walk better. Anyway, today's workout felt good, and I was happy I went! I kept debating whether I really wanted to, but it turned out to be a good choice in going!

When I got home, I checked my mail. I had an envelope full of leaflets of a wide variety of products. Things like, bags to keep your produce fresh, an angel for your car's visor, balls to keep your laundry from pilling in the dryer, etc, etc. Lots of "Seen on TV" stuff! I went through all of them, and put aside items that seemed interesting, and I wanted to take a second look at them later on. One of the items was a pedal exerciser. My eyes widened at this one! It looks like a very small version of a bike, only it doesn't have wheels at all! If you put it on the floor, you can pedal with your legs while on a chair. And if you put it on a table, you can pedal with your arms. OOOOOOOOOOH!!!!! I was just telling a friend how I wished I had a complete gym at home, because I would definitely try to work out more, especially in the winter. I mean, I have half the gym right now! My treadmill is great to have, and despite the fact I have one 5lb weight (I plan on getting the other one soon!), I can at least walk and use the weight like I would at rehab. But this pedal exerciser thingy would let me basically do my entire routine AT HOME!!! I put that leaflet aside, really considering purchasing it! I had my doubts sort of, until my good phriend, Mason, told me he has one and likes it. That's it, I was sold!! A bit ago, I ordered it, and in three weeks, I hope to be pedaling in the comforts of my home!! I wonder if I will really need to keep going to rehab after awhile?? Part of me is thinking yes, because I really do like the fact I am leaving to go there, and I like the people I exercise with. I think if I start trying to work out by myself at home again, I will get out of the routine quick! So, we'll see what happens. I'm just excited to be able to do pretty much everything I do at rehab at home! Just as long as I go buy that one weight, too, so I'm even!!!


Anonymous said…
Wow..Let me know how it works..(The bicycle)...I have seen those and wondered if they really do any good..
Great job on a wonderful workout today:)) You are such an inspiration:))
Love & hugs,

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