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Today I declared it Pajama Day! I woke up a bit late, and just knew I wasn't going to rehab this morning. I didn't feel like it, plus it was a bit chilly. I've also been incredibly achy the past 2 days in my legs. Tuesday I was out out all day, and that was after I had gone to rehab! By the time I got home, my legs were killing me. Yesterday, my legs were ok until evening. Maybe it had something to do with sitting most of the day at my mom's house, and on her dining room chairs, but they really just hurt. So I decided no rehab today, BUT, I did walk on the treadmill for 12 minutes. Yay! After I took a shower, I put my pjs right back on! I haven't had a pajama day in quite some time, so I thought today would be a good day for it.

The biggest thing I accomplished was getting 90% of my wrapping done. I don't mind wrapping at all. It's kinda relaxing, I play music and just figure out how much paper I need for what gift, etc. My biggest problem with wrapping, however? I cannot cut a straight line for anything!!!! Even if they made paper where lines are drawn so you could follow it while you're cutting, I still wouldn't be able to make it straight. It's terrible!! I end up with many pieces of paper that look more like trapezoids than squares or rectangles! But, I don't care, because there is really not much I can do to improve my skill!! lol I also try to use every scrap of paper for something. I've even been known to put an extra piece of of paper in between a gap that may not have made it to enclose the entire gift. Hey, it's just going to get ripped open anyway, right???

Mittens is always curious when I am wrapping. I had to yell at him to stay away from the paper on the floor, because he would walk right on it and make himself right at home. I did wrap a couple gifts that had nail marks in the paper. lol Mittens did entertain himself most of the afternoon with a huge plastic bag that I had from buying toys at the toy store. It's so big, he just goes right into it, and has room to spare! He was hiding in the bag, and decided to get out, when I realized he had put his head through one of the handles as he was exiting. He was getting a little panicked about it, but Mommy came to the rescue! I took my scissors and cut the handle, and he was free! And then he went right back in the bag! lol I clipped the other handle so I wouldn't have to worry about that! Here is a picture of him that I took with my camera phone, while he was in the bag!!

I made a seafood dish tonight with crab and some veggies, something I just came up with. I like to throw things together sometimes and see what happens! Usually, it is pretty good! lol Then I spent the evening just watching tv. Nothing too exciting. I am off to bed now, hoping that tomorrow I'll finish my gift wrapping so that I can make some jewelry I've been wanting to make. I bought new beads on Sunday, and I got them yesterday, and they are pretty! I also bought beads yesterday. *sigh* I know, I really should be going to rehab for beads, not for my lungs. lol


Nancy said…
Your day sounds like it was perfect, other than feeling achy. I hope today is a better day and that you get all of your wrapping completed.
Jen said…
Sounds like a great PJ day:) I am the same..I can not cut or draw a straight line..LOL so I tend to have Manny and Kayla wrap and I put things in gift bags and write the cards..LOL

Mittens is so cute:)
Missed you at lunch on Wednesday...
Talk to ya soon..Take care and stay warm:))

Love & hugs,
Jen therapy for the do a beautiful job with them:))
Barbarb Howard said…
well I like that p.j. day, especially if I am wrapping presents so comfortable, I can't wrap a gift either, or I can not cut a straight line, my kids laugh every year because I wrap the gifts up side down, so it has been a tradition and I just keep on doing it so they can get a big laugh every year out of it.
hope you are fealing better

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