The Christmas Tree Stalker

Ah, the Christmas Tree! How I love to put it up every year, and take my time decorating it with the lights and the ornaments I've gotten over the years. There's a reason why I insist putting it the day after Thanksgiving, so I can enjoy it for over a month!!
Here is a view from the entrance of my living room. Hard to tell, but, I am not the only one enjoying the tree!
Something lurks in the shadows, something big and fat, with a very weird taste for fake tree limbs!Aha! The Christmas Tree Stalker has been spotted!! This crazy creature comes from anywhere in the house, nibbling at the tree when he thinks Mommy isn't looking!

The Christmas Tree Stalker then tries to hide behind the tree, thinking he will not be spotted. He is wrong! After taking this picture, Mommy sprays the Christmas Tree Stalker with water, and he runs away from the tree! Don't worry, he will try stalking again later when Mommy isn't paying attention!!


ARJUN MS said…
your Christmas tree is wonderful...
and also the cat near by; the clever cat.
Merry Xmas
(please visit and comment)
baby_doll007 said…
Ha, I didn't know what you were talking about at first. I couldn't see any stalker until I saw the bright shiney eyes in the picture!Clever kitty. :) Love your beautful Christmas tree, as does your kitty!-Hugs!-
Teddybear said…
Colleen years ago a had a cat named Leo - Christmas was his favorite time of year he always tried to take our tree down. He looks like your mittens.

Beautiful tree I don't have the energy to put mine up this year. Love Deb
MarciaB said…
So cute! Mittens wants it so badly! The tree is beautiful!
Rachel Suzanne said…
Oh I didn't even think about what the cats would be missing when we decided not to put up the tree this year! They've gotten about a dozen ribbon/wrapping paper toys to make up for it though.

Have a Merry Christmas Colleen, and thanks for all of the support; it really means a lot!

Enjoy the kitties and the new year!
~ L said…
Thanks for stopping by. I've missed hearing from you. Your tree and other decorations are gorgeous. And Mittens is one cute kitty! Hope you & yours have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!! Big holiday hugs, ~ Lori
Jen said…
Awww...Thats cute...Mittens really likes that tree...LOL
Hope you and your family had a great Christmas:))
I had a kitten once that climbed up in our tree and we could never find her...LOL
Rest up and get ready for a Wonderful New Year ahead:))
Love & Hugs,

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