Getting Prepared

It's no secret to anyone that I've been shopping for Christmas since June. I start saving money for the holidays in January, because if I didn't do that, I would never be able to afford Christmas. Over the summer, I started finding deals and items that I thought would make great gifts, especially for the many friends I buy for. So why wait for November/December to buy them? I've been able to pay for 90% of what I've bought with cash, and for the stuff I've used my credit card for, I've put the money right in my bank account to pay it off on the card. So, it works for me, and I have no stress right now because of it! I finished my shopping on Thursday night/early Friday morning from the comforts of my own bedroom! Gotta love the internet!!! Today, I went out and bought 3 boxes of Christmas cards and 2 rolls of wrapping paper at the dollar store. So, I can start slowly wrapping stuff, and getting the cards out in the mail. I feel so gosh darn prepared. I'm just waiting for something to come up. lol

Yesterday I was busy doing little things around the house. I got a couple jewelry orders prepared for mailing, one which went out today. I made a bracelet to complete an order, so that's all set to go soon. I got a bunch of music to make a friend a Christmas CD, then I made a copy for my Mom since she said she'd like one. I finally finished filling out the paperwork for a health care proxy, which really needed to be done a long time ago, but I guess better late than never!! Now I have to give copies to my two best friends who I asked to be my proxies, and to my PCP, who I see on Thursday. I also finished balancing my checkbook for the month, and trying to figure out why I had so extra money left. That never happens! LOL! I also made a pot of beef and noodle soup, which has now turned into a beefy stew! It's still tasty, all the same. I really wasn't tired doing all this, and I didn't take a nap. Which was kinda nice not to need. The gas man called me around 9pm, and we talked for an hour. I do really like talking to him. We have no awkward pauses or anything, and it feels like I've known him forever. After I got off the phone, my friend, Rob, texted me to see what I was up to. He's an old friend from college, and he was home for several days. He ended up coming over around 11, and didn't leave til 3am! We just couldn't stop chatting, and for some reason I wasn't even tired when he left. I sure was tired today, but not exhausted. I guess that was a good thing! I enjoyed his visit, we usually have fun hanging out if he gets a chance to stop by when he's home.

Today I had bloodwork done, went to the ghetto dollar store, then the credit union, and then the post office. I got home just in time to miss the sleet that started a bit after I got in the door. Whew! I didn't do too much more besides eating lunch, and then taking a nice nap!!

It's hard to believe it's December 1st. I can't believe that another new year is right around the corner. Every year seems to go by faster and faster. Sometimes I think it was easier being a kid, because time was so slow! I am hoping for a great holiday, and not only for myself, but for my family and friends, and phriends who could certainly use a good one. Here's hoping the month doesn't fly by too fast, even though I know it probably will!!


Anonymous said…
Sounds like you are really prepared...Man,I am so far behind...I went to get Christmas cards but did not find the ones I wanted..maybe tomorrow..and shopping..ARGHHH..I need to buy so much more..I just do not even have any ideas for some yet..I hate that..Maybe I should start earlier when I see something just get it..I have to look for sales too..Going to look online now..Goodnight..

LOl I guess I missed all this earlier???Glad the gas man is good talking to:))

Love & Hugs,
TW(Terry) said…
Sounds like you've got it together for the holidays. Judi and I always wait until the last minute to do our shopping, looks like we'd learn. This is my favorite time of the year, I'm like a kid when it comes to Christmas. Don't overdo it and get too tired but have fun.


Nancy said…
Doesn't it feel good to accomplish so much?

I like your new blog background, very festive.

Glad to hear that things are going well with the gas man. He sounds like he might be a keeper.
Anonymous said…
BE VERY VERY CAREFUL with those internet purchases. I too liked to shop that way. However, somehow somewhere someone got our Visa credit card number which I only have used online last month. Found out my card had been violated. Still can't figure out HOW they used it at merchants in Texas without our card??? Totaled betweeen 700 & 1,000.
Teddybear said…
I am glad you are comfortable talking to the gas-man. As for gifts, I'm like you start early and finish early.

All my shopping is done except one which I just found out about - they are wrapped and tagged.

I like the new look on your blog. Love Deb.
The Admiral said…
What is the ghetto dollar store?

How is it different from any other dollar store?

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