Alllllllllll Done!!!

Well it's official: I'm ready for Christmas! I keep wondering if I'm forgetting anything??? I finished wrapping all the gifts yesterday, and everything I wrapped is surrounding my tree in the living room. It looks nice! I almost don't want to give them out! lol My cards have been sent, ecards are ready to go out (yes, some people are getting ecards because I ran out of stamps, and money to get more!), and the big box I need to mail to one of my friends with her Christmas items is all set to go. It feels sooo weird to be done, and yet sooo good. I'm not stressing over last minute gift ideas, or trying to find time to wrap stuff, or anything like that. YAY!

Christmas dinner is going to be traditional this year, which will be nice! I was talking to Mandy today about anything I could make. I am definitely for surely sure, 100% making the pecan pie, because gosh darn it, we didn't have one during Thanksgiving!! But, that is dessert (or part of it, anyway)! We're having ham, scalloped potatoes, and brussel sprouts as part of dinner. I think I'll make asparagus again. I've made it the past 2 years, in the oven, and it's come out pretty yummy! I'm sure other items will pop in there somewhere. I can't think of anything else to add, but maybe I'll come up with something.

My parents' computer came on Thursday. Hopefully soon, I will be able to go over there and hook it up for them. I'm excited. You would think that seeing a brand new computer wouldn't be so thrilling, but, it is! I know I got my laptop over the summer, but I just love new computers. Yes, I'm a dork!! I'm just happy my parents (ok, really, my mom) will have something that works much better than their old computer!!


Teddybear said…
I am glad you mom's computer finally came. New toys are always fun to play with. Enjoy setting it up. My Christmas shopping/wrapping is all done as well, now I have to drop them off. Enjoy your pecan pie.
Love Ya Deb
Cathy said…
Im glad your all done, LOL can't say the same about me :)
Hey I want some pecans and crust!
Ok im just nuts!
Anonymous said…
I am jealous..I have so much to you can see I have not be on the computer too much:(..I want a bite of that pecan pie:)

Love & Hugs,

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