It's Coming......I Think......

I reluctantly went to rehab today. I didn't really feel like it, but I had other errands to do afterward, so I just said "Let's get it over with!" I didn't go on Tuesday because it was a balmy 19 degrees out, but I did exercise on my treadmill. When I left this morning, it was 28, not windy, and that made the difference. My rehab stint was ok, not the greatest. The exercise bike really killed my upper legs for some reason today, so I didn't stay on it long. No sense in making them turn into jello! I finished exercising, and went to pick up a prescription. Then I got some stuff for Joan's boyfriend, since it is his birthday today. I have no idea if he reads my blog, so I don't want to post what it is I got him. lol After that, I went to the credit union. I gave Joan the thing for Rick, since I'm sure she'll see him sooner than I would. He's in FL. Ooooooh. Oh well! I also brought with me a 6-strand bronze-y necklace I had made a while back, that one of the ladies Joan works with kept oogling over at the jewelry party last month. She had told me the last time I came into the credit union to bring it with me, and maybe she'll buy it. She did! I actually really loved the necklace, and when she had it on at the jewelry party, I thought it really looked good on her! I'm going to have to make more of them. They are so time consuming, but they come out really beautiful! After chatting with Joan for a few minutes, I went home to relax for the afternoon. In a little while, I'm going out for coffee with a couple friends. We are going to exchange gifts, and it'll be a nice visit, since I will probably be a shut-in for the weekend.

Because......they are forecasting at least 7 inches of snow and bitter cold temps starting very early Friday morning. We'll see if it really happens. Sometimes the weather people say these things, and they never come to fruition. However, this storm started out in AZ yesterday, and if people in Las Vegas were seeing snow, I somehow think we'll be seeing it, too! The weather has been crazy everywhere the past couple weeks. Snowstorms in areas of the country that never see snow, temperatures that are colder than normal. It's not really a big surprised to us hearty Western NYers who experience the nasty winter weather every year, but for someone who is used to wearing shorts in the winter, dealing with cold and snow probably sucks for them!! lol

I need to figure out what to have for dinner. I'm not used to meeting for coffee when it's usually my dinner time. Maybe cereal and fruit! That's easy enough!! :)


Kathy said…
Glad you got some exercise :) Any activity is good for us!
Annette said…
Oh sweetie, it is coming your way! It is now sleeting here in Omaha. We're supposed to get 3-5 inches after we get about 1/2 inch of sleet on the ground. Sorry!! It's time to become a really good hermit!!
Jen said…
Oh my...a Winter Wonderland:)
Stay warm & toasty and take a few pics for us..It is about 80 degrees here today but really humid:(

Glad you got your exercise done:))
Take care

Love & Hugs,
Teddybear said…
Colleen I am glad you were able to get some exercise in. But staying in the warm house I'm sure would have been cozy.

So did you get all the snow you thought on Friday? We got 12" once it was done. Have a Blessed day. Love Deb.

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