Busy First Weekend of October

It's hard to believe, but October started on Thursday. Where did September go?? As the years go by, the months seem to just zoom past me and I can't remember anything I did. lol This weekend was nice. Friday I ran some errands before the o2 guy got here to fill up the Bubbas. I took it easy for the afternoon until about 6ish, when Joanie came to pick me up for a night of adventuring. We had dinner at Chili's, which was pretty good. I had only been there once, and I had dessert that time. It was busy there, but we didn't really have to wait too long for a table. I'm just glad there's another new restaurant in that area besides Applebee's. The newness of Chili's seems to have worn off, but I'm glad it's still busy!

After dinner, we went to the Outlets. Joan and Rick went into a shoe store so Rick could find a new pair of shoes for one of his suits. Then we went to Bath & Body and smelled everything in the store. Gosh, I love that place! Joan wanted to get some of the Wallflowers they sell for a coworker's housewarming party, so I helped her pick out a few we thought she'd like. We finished smelling everything and went over to Old Navy. Sometimes I hate going shopping. I found a pair of brown pants that I really liked, but I have no money, and so I just had to walk away. I even contemplated using my credit card, but I didn't do it since I still would have no money to pay for it! So I wandered the store and helped Joan look at things she might want to purchase. We left the mall a bit afterward, and I realized it felt a little warmer when we got back outside. The entire day was cold, wet and crappy, and it was a bit rainy as we were out, but the weather kept getting a bit warmer every time we went into a building and came back out! Kinda nice!

Walmart was our next adventure! I had a few things to get, and Joan needed a couple cards. We wandered around the store looking at things. I got a couple gifts for my niece. I'm getting close to finishing Christmas shopping, can you believe it?? Oh I still have some things to get, but I'm pretty happy that I've gotten so much already! Anyway, my biggest mission was to buy more socks for the winter. My feet have been freezing already with the cooler weather. It's ridiculous. I have been taking quick baths to warm up my legs and feet, sometimes twice a day. I bought a 10-pair pack of socks for $6. When I was at Kohl's last Sunday, they had socks on "sale:" 3 pairs for $6. I just KNEW I could get them cheaper at Walmart!! I also bought 2 pairs of fuzzy socks, and I am thinking maybe I'll go back and buy a couple more at some point. But even with all the socks, my feet are still cold. It's getting annoying!! We left Walmart and stopped quickly at Tops, and then Joan dropped me off with all my goodies. It was a nice evening out!

Saturday, I got my flu shot (my arm still hurts from it), and then I hung out at Mandy's for a couple hours. The kids had lunch, and my niece showed me her dress for a wedding she was in last night. It was beautiful, and she pointed out that it was my favorite color, red! After putting my nephew down for a nap, Mandy and I painted our nails with polish she had taken out. My niece was very interested in what we were doing, and asked if she could have her nails done, so her daddy did them for her! Just a very very light pink, which almost looked like it was just a shiny coat. It made her happy, though! I left a bit later to go to Joann Fabrics, and then took a nap after I got home. I had dinner at my parents' house, and after Mandy got ahold of me, I went to her house again to babysit the kids after she brought them back from the wedding reception. I laughed my ass off at my nephew (who is 2) as he frantically tried to tell me about a racoon who ran away. About 500 times in the next 20 minutes. It was hilarious!! I wish I had a camera to record it. He was absolutely serious about it, and I think he actually got mad at me for laughing at him because his little face showed some frustration!! The kids were tucked into bed, and I spent my time online while Mandy and Ron had fun at the reception. I ended up back home and in bed around my usual bedtime, but I was really exhausted!

Today was relaxation morning/afternoon until I went with Joan to her friend's housewarming party. That was fun! I know most of the people Joan works with (her friend is a coworker), and I met a few more I didn't know. There was a ton of wine and vodka, and lots of goodies to eat. We were there for a few hours, but I had a really bad headache because of the cigarette smoke coming from the back deck when a few people were out there smoking. YUCK. When I got home, I took a long nap! I've been on the laptop ever since, answering emails, joining PH chat for a bit, and chatting with a friend. It's been a nice quiet evening.

I plan on cleaning a few things around the house tomorrow, but I really must get back to making jewelry. I only seem to spend one day a week making stuff, which is not nearly enough time to be spending if I want a LOT of things to sell. I get so aggravated with myself, yet I'm not doing much to change it!! So I need to "clock in" to work tomorrow and make some new things!!


Anonymous said…
Funny..It must be sock shopping time??LOL..Kk & I were at Target yesterday and she found some socks for $1/ pair and a few for .70/pair..Woohoo..How I love deals :)

Sounds like you have really had a busy weekend..and today cleaning and laundry..Ugh..No wonder you need a nap...LOL
I haer ya..I know things only change if We do them ourselves..so Loca..get to making some jewelry!!LOL
Hope to ttyl..
Luv ya..Hugs :))
Annette said…
Hello sweetie! I've been dragging my butt for a while and have been away from the computer, emails, blogs, etc for quite a while. I love being able to come online and read about how you are doing and what's happening in your neck of the woods. Take care my beautiful phriend.

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