Another Support Group Meeting Down!

Today was my PH support group meeting, and it went well as usual! I searched my old journal entries last night to figure out when I had started my support group, and found that the first meeting I ever had was October 15th, 2005. I can't believe it's been 4 years! I remember being incredibly nervous that first meeting, not sure what I would say, not sure how people would respond. But all I did was talk about myself, my experience with growing up with PH, and soon after, everyone was interacting. It was a small group to start out with, and eventual meetings would go back and forth from being small to medium-sized, but the past couple years, I think it's been doing well. I seem to be getting several "regulars," which is wonderful! I didn't have a speaker today, but I just wrote down some topics I wanted to mention, and left it an open discussion type of meeting. It went really well, and rather quick, too! The meeting started out with one of the members thanking me so much for doing this, and everyone started clapping. Well, they didn't have to do that, but it was really wonderful knowing how much they appreciated me running the group. I plan on doing so for as long as I possibly can!


Nancy said…
How wonderful that your group appreciates your efforts.

I find leading a support group to be very satisfying.
Bonnie said…
Colleen you should feel very proud of yourself. Everyone seems to appreciate what you bring to the group.

Love ya PHriend,

Anonymous said…
4 years..that is awesome..You go are such a great inspiration to so many..Thx again for all you do and also being such a special friend to me..

Hugs ..Luv ya :))

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