Oh Snap, June's Over!

I'm finding it really hard to believe that June will be over in another hour. This month was just so busy with things going on every weekend, and things going on most days during the week. I don't like that it's already July!! It'll be another busy month for us, with 3 bridal showers for Joan, a baby shower for my friend, and I'm sure other stuff in between. My sister, Lisa, will be up for about a week with her little guy, so I'm looking forward to that! I just really hope the days will go by a bit slower, because I want to enjoy my summer!!

This past weekend was such a great one! Saturday and Sunday was an inaugural art and music festival on Main Street downtown, and it wasn't too bad. Mandy bought space for a booth, and she actually sold quite a bit of her beautiful glass items. I was happy for her! I walked around with Joan on Saturday after she picked me up to go, and saw some really neat things, some really odd things, and some very pretty things! One thing I loved was this booth that was selling necklaces made of ribbons. You can wear them at any length. If you don't want to wear them long, you can pull the ends to make them short, like a choker, or anywhere in between. I bought a really pretty blue and purple one, and put it on shortly after we left the booth. I decided I loved it SO much, that maybe they'd make good Christmas gifts for a few people!! So on Sunday, I went back to the booth and shopped again! The lady was surprised to see me again, but she helped me by showing me different colors. She also asked me why I was wearing oxygen, and asked if I had asthma, so I got to teach her about PH. Kind of a win-win situation, if you ask me!

Here is the necklace I bought! :)

There was also a booth near the ribbon necklaces with a variety of hand-painted glass items that were really beautiful. Joan really liked some of the ring holders, and we eventually went back so she could pick one out for her birthday next week. I had wanted to buy a few gifts at that booth on Sunday when I went back, but the people had not come for Sunday. I was sad! I had a card for their website, but unfortunately, the site said the account was suspended. Darn!! There are also phone numbers, so maybe I'll try calling to find out if they even know about their website! I would like to buy something more from them, but that's kind of hard to do when you can't find it online!

Joan and I left the festival to meet our parents and aunt and uncle at a local restaurant for lunch. It was very yummy! I enjoyed a small salad, and a cup of their nacho soup. Mmmmmm. I could go for some again. lol After that, Joan dropped me off at home so I could take it easy until that evening when we were going to a party. I tried to take a nap, but it just didn't happen! So, Joan, Rick and I went to the party around 5-something I think it was. We had lots of food, several drinks, and a good time! I danced with a couple ladies on the back deck to Michael Jackson! We eventually decided to leave, and I sure did sleep good that night since I had a full day!

Sunday was busy, as well. I got ready to go back down to Main Street around noon, so I could see my friend and his buddy play acoustic guitar on the main stage. I did get to hear them, but I was so busy chatting with a few people, that I didn't technically watch them play. But they were good! I hung out with Mandy and Joan for about an hour after I had shopped again, and then I left to go downtown to meet a PH friend. His name is Bob, and he lives in Japan! However, he was over in Canada for the weekend for a family wedding, so while he was on this side of the world, we decided to see if we could meet up. I waited outside of the Starbucks across from the casino, and he showed up a minute after the time we had said we'd meet. Talk about prompt! It was SO nice to meet him, too! I treated him and his dad, who had come along, to beverages, and Bob and I went outside to chat while his dad stayed inside to work on some taxes. Bob and I talked about a variety of things, from our PH journeys, to our phriends in chat, to Niagara Falls and living here, and about Japan. He showed me a magazine-type book of the earthquake and tsunami that happened over there several months ago, and the pictures were just amazing. It's so hard to believe the devastation that happened! He did say many areas are rebuilding, but some just not fast enough. Anyway, after about an hour and a half, we said our goodbyes after a picture, and I headed home. It was just such a great weekend, and I felt truly blessed that I was actually feeling well to enjoy it all!


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