And So It Begins

June began on Wednesday, which means that hopefully the summer weather will stick around for awhile since it's the season I like most. June also begins an incredibly busy summer, especially on the weekends. I had thought about going to meet an author in town today, but then decided to just stay home and take it easy. Besides that, I was just really tired. Starting next weekend, however, the fun begins. I will be busy every single weekend from June 11th until July 31st. I feel overwhelmed. I'm glad to have things planned, but also, I just want to take it easy! Of course, I'll have the weeks in between, but it doesn't feel the same. This month I have a couple parties, a dance recital, and a stag and doe (which is like a bachelor/bachelorette party in Canada) for my sister and her fiance. Next month is shower month. Three bridal showers for Joan, three weekends in a row, and a baby shower the last weekend of the month. Like I said, an incredibly busy time!! I just fear this summer is going to fly by, and then we head into the colder months again. Not what I look forward to at all!!


sunshine said…
WOW! Sounds like you are going to have lost on your hands, have a blast and share all about it with us!
Happy Summer to you!
Jen said…
Wow Loca, hope that you can take some rest days in between. Hope the weather is nice for ya as well. It reached a record high of 105 today at a near airport! That is too damn hott!

Hope that ya have a great week ahead! Do not overdo it and enjoy your lunch w Cindy...Hugs :))
Love ya lots!!

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