Game Over

Yesterday I still felt pretty crappy. I was trying to figure out how to rest up, make it to Aldi's quick to buy some flowers for my nieces (one biological, one through my best friend) for the dance recital, and then actually make it to said dance recital. Luckily my mom called me to ask if I needed to still go to Aldi's since she was going out to the bank, and I said yes. She picked me up and we spent maybe half an hour in the store. I got home and tried to eat something before going to lay down for awhile. My parents got me later to go to the dance recital, which was very good. Both kids did great jobs with their dance numbers! We only stayed for the first half of the recital, and took off during intermission. I'm glad, too. I still felt pretty nauseous, and I kept getting chills and then hot spells during the show. When I got home, I took my temperature, but I didn't have a fever. By the time I went to bed, I felt as if someone had both hands around my neck and was squeezing. Sure didn't feel right to me.

I got up this morning feeling almost the same way I went to bed. No one was squeezing my neck, but I still had a bad headache. I kinda felt queasy, but hungry at the same time. I ate a little, then spent some time talking on the phone, then tried to get a little fresh air. I eventually tried to have a little lunch. Well, I'm not sure how much time it was later, but lunch decided not to stick around. I got sick. That hasn't happened in I don't know how long. My head hurt even worse afterward. Two Excedrin Migraines hadn't helped the headache, and the ice packs weren't alleviating the situation at the time either. I finally thought that maybe I've had a migraine for the past couple of days, but not one I've experienced before. Usually I have pretty concrete signs of getting one, but nope. I didn't know what to do about the stag and doe. I felt terrible about having to miss it, but I wasn't sure if I could even make it since I wasn't exactly in great shape. So I just called Mandy to let her know I didn't think I was going. Hopefully Joan would understand. I spent much of the afternoon laying in bed, sleeping on and off (while Mittens snored next to me). I had some broth in the evening, and spent a few hours just watching stuff on tv. I finally took another Excedrin around 9ish since I still had a bad headache. It's sort of calmer now. I just hope I can actually sleep tonight since I had the pill so late, considering it has some caffeine in it. What I'm hoping for more is that I feel better tomorrow. I'm thankful this isn't anything PH-related, but it sure doesn't help to feel so beat down like this. So I almost made it through this busy week. I tried my best, even though I mostly felt crappy. I just really hope I didn't let Joan down. :(


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