My Adventure's Beginnings

I've been home from my trip to Florida since Wednesday night, and I'm still trying to recover from the time I spent there. I think I'm also still in shock. The trip included so many firsts for me: flying, going to a conference, going to Disney, actually being in Florida itself! Oh, and let's not forget my first tropical storm (thanks to Debby)! It was such a wonderful experience, most of it anyway. I wish it hadn't ended!

On the Thursday that I left, I was all set to go. I actually had everything packed, and thanks to making a list and crossing things off as I threw things into the suitcase, I didn't forget anything. Whew! My parents brought me to the airport, dropped me off at the entrance, and I began the first part of my adventure checking my suitcase and getting the wheelchair assistance. I made it through security with only one issue: not taking the backup batteries out of my carry on that were for my Evergo oxygen portable I was using. Oops, I didn't know! Then I was wheeled to the gate, and that's where I saw my phriend and her daughters and granddaughter! We were traveling together for this trip, and it was a relief to see them! So the next step was to just wait for the plane!

I was pretty calm about going on the airplane. Considering I've never been on one before, I was surprised that I wasn't freaking out. I was worried about how I was actually going to feel during the ride, but I wasn't afraid of being on the plane itself. Since my phriend and I were in wheelchairs, we were one of the first to be boarded on the plane, which was nice since we had more access of where we wanted to sit. Since we were going Southwest, we didn't have assigned seating. We picked seats within the first 2 rows near the front. I had no choice but to sit near a window because of my oxygen, but that was ok. I thought looking outside would be neat!

Me, before we took off!

The plane started down the runway, and I watched out the window with anticipation and some shaky nerves.  And then we started ascending. And then I got completely dizzy, and it felt so horrendous! Two thoughts came to my mind immediately: how was I going to get home?? And I guess I'll never go to Hawaii!! My phriend did say that she thought the pilot took off way too fast and ascending too sharply, so I was hoping it was just him. Needless to say, I felt crappy during the entire flight and even after. Descending wasn't so terrible at least! The one very good thing was that my oxygen sats during the flight weren't anything different than what I'm usually at while on the ground. That was a relief!

I did try sneaking peeks outside the window as we ascended and once in awhile during flight. I mean, I HAD to try to enjoy the experience even though I felt awful! I have to say, it was so awesome to be in the clouds, and to see everything from above. That part was definitely worthwhile!!

After arriving in Orlando, we got off the plane, back into wheelchairs, and were whisked off to the baggage claim area. My phriend texted her driver, a guy she uses every time she goes to Disney, to let him know we had made it. He was waiting for us outside the terminal, and loaded our belongings into the van. We drove to the Renaissance at SeaWorld hotel, after making a couple stops (I got some dramamine for the plane ride home lol), and very shortly after, the magic of my first PHA conference began!!


Nelle said…
My first flight I was chewing gum as I had been told to but my ears felt completely clogged almost immediately. Once we landed (at Disneyworld)it took two days before I could hear normally again. I wasn't too scared once we took off but I was nervous beforehand.
sunshine said…
It's great to hear your had a wonderful trip and that it was filled with new experiences!!!

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