Yet Another New Experience

I just keep racking up the new experiences this summer! Flying on a plane, going to Florida, attending my first PHA conference, wandering Disney World, and also dealing with my first tropical storm was just the beginning! This past Sunday, I added another new thing to the list: jet skiing!!!
No, that is not me, or K. above. lol I do have a picture with me on the jet ski, but K. hasn't sent it to me yet! When I get it, I'll share! 

Anyway, it was such an awesome feeling!! We got the jet ski into the water, and I held onto it while K. parked the truck. When he got back, we climbed onto the jet ski, and before I knew it, we were taking off! I wasn't prepared for it! I wasn't sure how to feel at first, either. I thought maybe I felt a little seasick, but that lasted 2 seconds (THANK GOODNESS!!)! Then I felt like I was getting too winded, but nope! It was just WINDY! lol Then I realized I was just feeling a rushing experience! I was on the water, with a lot of other people, enjoying the beautiful day! WHOOO HOOO! I totally loved it!! We went around different areas of the lake, rode up right against a giant naval ship, past a rowing team (that was getting pictures done, and hopefully we'll be photoshopped out lol), and under the Peace Bridge. Then we went all the way back where we had started. It took around 2 hours, I think! It sure felt like it wasn't that long, though. I can't wait to go again!!! 

Before we got on the jet ski, I had debated whether to wear my oxygen or not. I think I've mentioned before, but it bears repeating, that I CAN go without oxygen for awhile and not feel any different. This is due to the holes in my heart, and the fact that my saturation levels don't get any better with or without oxygen. I finally decided to take my o2 with me, but we put it in a backpack, and put it in the front compartment of the jet ski. It was there if I felt like I needed it, and K. asked me a couple times if I wanted to have it. I didn't, though! I joked that there was enough wind from riding around that I think I was getting enough o2 just feeling the rush in my face!! lol  I definitely had a great time!!


sunshine said…
Sounds like a great new experience, I am glad you got to enjoy it and it looks like with the right "pilot" ;)

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