Going to Cleveland

I leave in the morning for Cleveland, for 2 days of tests, and Drs appointments. I have to say, I'm very nervous. I really don't want to be on Flolan, but I just have this feeling they will tell me I need to go on it. The past week hasn't been all that great for me, I've felt like something is wrong with my lungs. I guess that's why I'm nervous about going. I know I have to do whatever I need to help me feel better, but I dread this next medicine. I felt the Tracleer was working so well, until this past week. I am hoping that's the reason I feel this way is due to stress. I know stress is horrible for PHers. Anyway, I need to just pray that whatever the outcome is, God will help me through it. He's gotten me this far, and continues to help me deal with this illness in ways I never thought I'd be able to. This is my life, I need to do whatever to keep me going strong. I just wish it was so much easier than it really is.


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