A Sad Loss

Every day, I visit the PHA's website to read the message boards. The people I have gotten to know through the daily posts almost feel like a second family to me. In all likelihood, I will never meet these people, but I feel like I've known some of them forever. We all share an illness, we all share the ups and downs that come with it, and we all pray for each other. It is a wonderful community.

Today when I visited the boards, I was very saddened to read about a woman named Rhonda, who had died suddenly last night. She had been in the hospital with problems with her Flolan, and they had switched her to Remodulin. She was getting stronger the last time her husband posted, so it was a shock to see that he had posted a message last night saying she passed away. My heart is heavy with sadness, since I have chatted with her in chat room sessions, and she seemed like a wonderful person. She had gone through many ups and downs with this disease, but she always came through fighting. I guess this time, her body just had enough.

Rhonda will be missed by her family and her "PH" family, too. Her husband has asked us to pray for a cure for this terrible disease, and I intend to continue my prayers for a cure. My prayers also go out to her family at this time, as well.


~ Lori said…
I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Hugs, ~ Lori

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