Christmas is coming, and I have been buying gifts for a couple of months. I usually start my shopping in the summer, but for the past two summers, nothing has appealed to me. I've cut back a little on spending, and so for a couple friends, I thought I'd try a new craft. I have made so much jewelry for my friends in the last however many years, I'm afraid they might be bored with it! One of my friends took a class on how to paint on glass, and she came over a month go to show me how. As tricky as it can be, I'm loving it! So I thought I'd make a few gifts! The wine glasses are for two friends,  and the beer mug is for K. I wanted to do tennis racquets and balls, but the racquets got frustrating. lol Anyway, maybe I'll just keep painting glass as a new hobby? If I really wanted to go crazy, I could glue beads all over them, too!?


Madray said…
Those are nice. Looks like you found a new craft to mix in with jewelry making.
ARJUN MS said…
Cute little gifts,they are perfect!!!!!!

Its been a very long time, I am glad you are engaged in one or the other thing :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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