Holiday Crazies

The holiday season is crazy enough with gifts to buy, goodies to bake, cards to write out, gifts to wrap, decorating, etc, etc. I usually enjoy the busyness to a point, as long as I'm not totally wearing myself out. So the past few weeks have been a little nuts, trying to get ready for Christmas, which came and went. Honestly, although Christmas day was very nice, and it was good spending some time with K. and some with my family, I didn't really feel the Christmas spirit. I think it's probably because I've spent two weeks worrying and helping care for someone in my life who has been complications with diabetes. I'm coming to the realization that it's a nasty disease. And it's terribly difficult to watch someone go downhill quickly if they aren't taking care of themselves like they need to be. I'm also realizing that trying to help someone who doesn't seem to really want the help despite the fact they need it is a very, very tough thing to deal with. It makes me irritated and hard for me not to sound like a bitch, and I try to control my words when I want the person to know that all we're trying to do is help them. It's been a pretty trying couple of weeks at times, scary at other points, and I will admit that I had many moments when I just broke down and cried by the time I got home. So needless to say, I've been praying hard that this person can get back on their feet, get to new doctors who actually specialize in diabetes, and that the New Year brings them much better health!!


CL said…
Another amen, sister!
Teddybear said…
Colleen I so hear you - I am a diabetic type 2 in remission and work hard to keep it there. I will pray with you for this person, as you know you can't help this person if they don't want the help.

I use the phrase "let go, let God" that does apply here sorry. Love you kiddo now you need to take care of yourself. My prayers go with you, Deb.

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