Trying on dresses

Today we tried on dresses for Mandy's wedding. It was nice to try on dresses that actually came darn close to fitting me! My favorite was a 2-piece looking dress, and it was in Victorian lilac. I am not thrilled about having purple for another wedding again, but this dress looked very nice! I definitely like it, and in talking with Lisa tonight, she said she didn't really care what we got. But I think she's going to her David's Bridal to try the ones Mandy liked. I just hope it's something Leah likes, too. I'll be frustrated if she doesn't! lol

I think the fact that I'll be in 2 weddings this coming year is making me a little sad. Since I'm not even close to doing anything like that. I know I keep getting told I'll find someone, but it just never seems like it'll happen. And stupid me keeps missing Dave every once in a while, and it's been sooooooo long since we broke up. And it was a good thing we did! I also keep thinking maybe I could have just stuck with Mike, he was so nice and everything. But that's dumb too, b/c I would've been miserable since I just wasn't attracted to him. It's just so frustrating, and very lonely.


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