Sunday, October 12, 2003

Trying on dresses

Today we tried on dresses for Mandy's wedding. It was nice to try on dresses that actually came darn close to fitting me! My favorite was a 2-piece looking dress, and it was in Victorian lilac. I am not thrilled about having purple for another wedding again, but this dress looked very nice! I definitely like it, and in talking with Lisa tonight, she said she didn't really care what we got. But I think she's going to her David's Bridal to try the ones Mandy liked. I just hope it's something Leah likes, too. I'll be frustrated if she doesn't! lol

I think the fact that I'll be in 2 weddings this coming year is making me a little sad. Since I'm not even close to doing anything like that. I know I keep getting told I'll find someone, but it just never seems like it'll happen. And stupid me keeps missing Dave every once in a while, and it's been sooooooo long since we broke up. And it was a good thing we did! I also keep thinking maybe I could have just stuck with Mike, he was so nice and everything. But that's dumb too, b/c I would've been miserable since I just wasn't attracted to him. It's just so frustrating, and very lonely.

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