Another Week Gone

I am here. I had a good week. Went to rehab on Tuesday, spent Wednesday making jewelry and avoiding the outdoors because it was a nasty rainy and windy day. Thursday I cleaned the bathroom, shook out some rugs, and tried to fight with the vacuum. If it wasn't for getting the cord and the tubing tangled up together and tripping on both or vacuuming them both, I wouldn't mind too much doing it!! Friday I walked a mile on my treadmill. I don't know where I got that energy, but I was happy that I could do it! I'm sure that won't happen for awhile again.

Today I made a lanyard for my friend from college, and it came out so nice. I wasn't sure about the beads and the colors, but I love it. And I think she will, too! I love making custom orders. I try so hard to get things just exactly the way the customer wants it. I spent so much time finding the right beads for my friend, and she said she felt like a pain in the butt, but I didn't want her to just go for something she didn't really care for so I wouldn't have to search more for something different. At least it wasn't something that needed a deadline!

I am still battling cold feet. Although, I have to say that I am dying of heat right now. I took a bath earlier this evening (2nd one of the day, and I even took a shower this morning), and put on my flannel pjs, my bathrobe, and I've been under flannel blanket, with the laptop on my lap. I really should do this all day, I guess, if I want to be warm!!! It's really getting to be frustrating, but I do hope that it gets better once I can put the heat on all day. I'm not doing that right now, I only turn it on in the mornings for a little bit. I might actually email my PH doc about electric socks or something like that. I have heard several times before that people with circulation problems shouldn't use things like that. I think it has to do with dropping blood pressure. It's why we're not really supposed to be taking hot baths and going into saunas or hot tubs. Well if someone told me I'd have to skip my hot baths, they'd get an earful. That's the only way I warm up!! lol

Well, I'm off to bed. Get to start the cold feet battle all over again tomorrow. Fun, wow!


Annette said…
You need to convince your cat to lay on your feet to be your personal tootsie warmers! I love it when Asa lays on my feet! Now, when Mr. 135 pound Haver lays on my feet, I worry about the circulation getting cut off!!
Bonnie said…
Colleen about 4 yrs ago my hubby bought me an individual heating blanket just for my chair. What a guy. And when I have my jammers on and the blanket I am all warmed up. But do what you can to stay warm and toasty. Are your winters really bad back there??

Love ya,

Anonymous said… must be super clean Loca..LOL
Hope you can get those feet warm soon...I hate that..not that I even have that issue anytime soon..LOL
Have a great day at rehab...

Luv ya :)

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