Summer Fly-By

Summer is almost over, and it's making me really sad. I live for this time of year! I'm able to be outside much of the time (except for the really stupidly humid days which make me feel like I'm confined in a cold prison cell which is really my air conditioned apartment), and there are so many things to do! I've really enjoyed this summer so much, because I've done so many things with K. Oh, and I love summer because I can wear skirts and be barefoot almost all of the time!!! So it's depressing to me that it's coming to a close very shortly, and soon winter will be here. Although last winter was pretty mild compared to the standards for this area, winter is winter is winter, and I just don't like it one bit!! I'm hoping the winter weather will be tame again, because last winter actually allowed me to be out more than I thought I'd be. And I didn't have to wear long underwear on a constant basis!!! LOL!


CL said…
You are welcome to come to Texas for the winter. :-)
Nelle said…
I also love skirts and to be barefoot. Is this significant to PH? Lol lol To be honest, although I like summer, I LOVE fall. I love giving out Halloween treats, decorating for it, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can hardly wait. You may hate this but I also love snow! :)

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