Badly Breathing

The last couple days have been really bad for me in terms of my PH symptoms. I still get shortness of breath (SOB), but it's not as often, and not terribly bothersome. But yesterday and today were awful. I didn't even have to be doing anything to be SOB. I'm thinking the weather is playing a big role, even though both days weren't too bad out. It was nice and sunny, a little cool out of the sun, but not really humid. So who knows?? All I know is that at K.'s yesterday, I kinda squashed his plans of going to the park nearby to walk a short trail to see if we could find any buck. I was having a hard time just walking around my apartment earlier, so I really wasn't sure what a walk outside was going to be like, and I didn't care to find out. He didn't seem to mind, just continued to work on some stuff that I knew he'd want to get done anyway. I'm hoping I didn't disappoint him, but if I did, he never said so.

I got my flu shot yesterday morning, and while I don't think it contributed to my PH symptoms, the owie in my left arm didn't help any. Even now it hurts if I rub the area where I was stabbed! Ok, I wasn't really stabbed with the needle. The nurse was rather nice. So I'm vaccinated for another year. I'm hoping this winter will be kind to me like last winter. I didn't get sick, knock on wood!! It's a relief not to be sick. Having PH plus a cold just means I'll take at least twice as long getting better since I'm limited on what cold meds I'm allowed to be on. Decongestants are a huge no-no, even though I didn't know that when I was a kid and I took it for at least 20 years!! Here's to another germ-free winter!!

I am off to bed early tonight, since I don't really think I slept too well at K.'s last night. I was having a little bit of a hard time breathing since I only had one pillow, and I usually sleep on two here, or wherever I go. Plus when I finally drifted off to sleep, I woke abruptly who knows how long later to K. telling me I kicked him, and completely not remembering doing so. lol I asked him about it this morning and he didn't even remember talking to me! So who knows what happened last night, but I need to get to bed so I can make up for the interrupted sleep last night! lol


sunshine said…
I hope you get better with SOB situation and don't worry about disappointing K, I am sure he would prefer that you are feeling good than to go out on a walk.

On another note, thanks for commenting on my blog, I would have love to meet you, if I ever go back to visit my "host family" in Attica I would make sure to make arrangement to drive to where you live and meet you.

Have a great day :)
Anonymous said…
I hope you are feeling better today. I notice there are days when I struggle more than others. Thought it was heat and humidity, but it hasn't been, not sure what's up with that. Have a great day no matter what. (((hugs)))

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