Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Year

About this time a year ago tonight, I was enjoying dinner with a man I had been chatting with for a couple  months online, and eventually on the phone. K. suggested meeting in person for a few weeks, and we finally did so September 19th. He was nice enough to say he'd come out my way, since he lives 30 minutes away. I waited for him outside the restaurant I suggested, and when I finally saw him walk around the corner, I felt rather at ease. It's funny, in the year since we've been dating, I don't think there's been any time that I haven't felt uncomfortable with him. I'm glad we met that night, and I'm even happier that he's been wanting to do things since. I haven't had too much luck with men, mainly because many are a bit intimidated with my health situation. I can understand that in some ways. Even K. hasn't been totally certain about it. I told him at one point that I can't tell anything about my future with my health since even _I_ don't even know what to expect. But he's been really understanding about the oxygen, and it makes me feel good. We've had a pretty nice year together, and I'm hoping it continues! :)

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sunshine said...

Congrats on the one year with K, wish you guys many more years of happy times together (if that's what you both want!).