It's officially the season of Fall, and I'm officially sad. Don't get me wrong, there are things about Fall I actually do enjoy. 

1.) I love the changing colors of the trees, especially when they are a gorgeous red, my favorite color! (I took these pics a couple years ago, the colors aren't changing quite that fast here yet! I was just using them for demonstration! lol)

2.) Fall means soup and stew season can begin!! It's so hard to eat a delicious bowl of hot soup when it's 80 degrees out! The crisp Fall temps make it much easier to create some sort of soup and enjoy it for dinners and lunches. Mmmmm, I'm wishing I had ingredients to make a pot right now!!! lol

3.) Fall also brings in the start of what I like to call, Bath Season. I'm usually so cold at night before I go to bed when the temps start to get chillier. I end up taking a bath before bed, so that I can warm up, get a bit sleepy, and then just crawl into bed all nice and toasty so I can sleep! 

What I don't like about Fall? Mostly, it's the cooler temps, especially in the evenings and the mornings!! It means that I don't wear shorts or skirts anymore when the air feels only in the 60s. It means that I can't really wear a tshirt or tank top without wearing a sweater over it, and even then, sometimes I'm just not warm enough! Worst of all, it means.......WINTER IS COMING!! BOOOOO!! I'm not ready for:

1.) Winter coats

2.) Winter hats - Ok, I love this hat, which K. bought for me last December! lol

3.) Winter gloves
4.) SNOW!!

Soooo, although there will probably be some nice days left before the above white mess shows up around here, I'll most likely be layered in winter clothing already to just stay somewhat warm. I wish I could afford a move to a warmer area, but that isn't happening! You'd think I'd learn how to adapt by now since I've lived here for 37 years, but noooo. Every year I feel like I'm a bigger wuss when it comes to the change in season!! 


sunshine said…
I am so happy that there's no snow here in the Caribbean and that I don't have to look forward to the cold season, keep warm!
Nelle said…
I guess I am strange but I love snow.
So does my Shetland sheepdog "Duffy".Nothing makes me happier than when I am safe and sound (with Rob with me also safe) and there is a heavy snowstorm outside. Being he is from New England Rob thinks I am crazy! Last year there was so little snow. I live for this time of year knowing that Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are coming. Sorry Colleen, lol
Anonymous said…
I sure hope we get snow this winter!! Our trees are JUST starting to change. Have a great Thursday!!!

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