Yes, I DO Exist!

It's been almost a year since I last blogged. I just didn't know what to write sometimes, and then when I thought of something, I would forget, or just felt too lazy to post. I'm hoping I can feel inspired to write again more on a regular basis. Even once a week would be nice. lol

So much has happened in the last year. About this time a year ago, my family was dealing with my mother's health that scared all of us into thinking we might not see her here by year's end. Things have gotten better, though. She is much better than she was last year, but still has some things to work on. I'm amazed at how much diabetes can become a huge issue quickly. It's a very scary disease to have if it's not being controlled. And since it can be inherited, I try to do everything I can to make sure I do not develop it myself.

K. and I are still together. We had a nice summer together, kind of quiet compared to the first summer we had and we got to do so many things that were new to me. He had a big birthday in July (50!), though, and we took a little road trip to Erie, PA to go to Presque Isle, a place he'd always wanted to see. It is a huge island with so many different beaches, and we drove around and stopped to see several of them for hours before heading to our hotel to relax for a bit.

After getting freshened up, we headed to downtown Erie, right on the waterfront, for a restaurant K. found that seemed like a good place to eat. And it was!! We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed some drinks and the view before our dinner arrived. Afterward, we headed to a tower at the end of the pier to see some fantastic views of the lake before heading back down and enjoying a gorgeous sunset. It was a nice little getaway!

For my birthday in September, K. took me to go on the boat ride of the Erie Canal Locks, and that was pretty neat! It was a beautiful day for it, nice and sunny and warm. I was a little worried about feeling queasy on the boat ride, but I didn't feel anything at all, maybe because there were many other passengers aboard. It was a great experience!

In October, we took a little trip to Cleveland since I had my appts with my PH specialist and cardiologist, and squeezed in so many fun things to see. First we went to the Museum of Natural History: 

After that we went to the Modern Art Museum, which was rather interesting!! K.'s favorite exhibit was the hall of armor!

We were able to drive an hour south of Cleveland to see the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH the Sunday we were there. K. thought I might be a bit bored, but actually, I liked it! I am fairly new into football, thanks to him explaining much of how the game works to me. lol It was neat to read about the history of the league and how it has evolved since it began. And of course, all the memorabilia was cool! 

My appts at the Cleveland Clinic went well. I saw a different PH specialist, and will most likely stick with her from now on only because the PH doctor I had for years doesn't really see PH patients anymore. I also saw my cardiologist, and both of them said I'm stable and to come back in a year again. It's nice to be able to do that, as long as I'm doing well! 

Tuesday, the day after my appts, we went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Now, I had been there the first time I went to Cleveland, but I was definitely willing to go again. I realized that they must change the exhibits around often, because some of the stuff I did not remember seeing. Of course, I went at least 10 years ago the first time, so I would be surprised if I remembered much anyway! lol The special exhibit when we went focused on The Rolling Stones!

The following morning, we made one more stop before heading home, one that I was SO EXCITED about making!!! I've been going to the Cleveland Clinic for about a decade, and in the last 5 years at least, I have always wanted to see the house from A Christmas Story. It's one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies, and Christmas just isn't the same if I haven't watched it at least twice!! Of course, my sisters and I know almost every line in it!! I never realized how close it actually was to the clinic! K. and I arrived there in the morning a little before tours officially started. We browsed the gift shop for awhile until the first tour was ready to go! The gift shop is across the street from the actual house. Our tour guide gave a history of the house and how it came to be included in the movie. It was so interesting!! Afterward, we were allowed to tour the house on our own, and allowed to take any pictures we wanted! When we were finished, we crossed the street to another house that had artifacts and props from the movie. It was one of my favorite parts about going on our little Cleveland trip. I felt like a little kid in a candy store!! lol

I suppose I will end this post now. It's pretty sad that I started it over a month ago. lol Every time I continued writing, I thought of something else I could share, so I know a few more posts will be created pretty soon! I hope!! 


Teddybear said…
Wow Colleen you really have had a great time off. I really enjoyed the pictures your K. takes good pictures of you, you look so happy.

Glad to hear you are good for another year. Stay stable okay? Love ya Debbie

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