Time Goes By So Fast When You're Not Blogging!

I don't even know where to begin with this post. I haven't really done anything blog-related since April. I'm not even reading the blogs I had saved on a regular basis. I have always been like this, even with my own diary/journal growing up. I go for months blogging often, and then I suddenly stop. I don't sit down and find the time to put down my thoughts, and it's such a shame, because I love to go back and read old posts and remember things that I found important. So, I thought I'd at least write a little today. Maybe I'll continue?? Maybe not?? lol

Life has been treating me well. The summer flew by too fast as usual, and now here it is, almost Thanksgiving, and the snow is flying around the area already. Winter has seemed to descend upon almost the entire country in the last week, and Fall isn't even over yet. I'm so not ready for this!! The only time I am ready and willing to see snow and cold temps is around Christmas!! And then I'd like it if we could go back to spring/summer weather, thank you very much!! lol

It is PH Awareness month, and I've been trying something different on Facebook this year. I've been coming up with more personal facts about PH, rather than just the actual facts. I'm labeling it "Real Life PH Education." I think it's being appreciated by those who are actually reading them. But, I have to be honest. I've been doing awareness month for over 10 years, and it's getting so monotonous. I don't mean that to be a slap in the face to any of my PH phriends or the PH community. It's just that, trying to post facts or thoughts about PH and what it entails, and getting tons of "likes" and/or comments from those living with the disease? It disappoints me a bit. Am I even reaching those who DON'T live with PH? I do realize that Facebook is not the only way to educate about PH!! Twitter isn't either. I didn't have enough energy really to go out into the community this year and try to spread awareness that way (although I did participate in a tv interview recently, and was seen on the air last week!). I guess maybe I need to put more effort into how to reach others, and maybe I'll be more prepared for next November when awareness month comes again.

The holidays are coming up quickly. I've always looked forward to Thanksgiving especially, and this year I will be going to Canada to celebrate. lol Joanie is having dinner, and I think it'll be nice! I'm not sure what food to expect yet. I'm imagining there will be Italian as well as the turkey. I'm curious as to how her house looks like since it's been so long since I've seen it last, and much of the downstairs was unfinished. I imagine it's exciting to have your own house built, but such a lot of work trying to get it all decorated how you'd like it!

Well, The Voice is coming on soon, so I think I'll end here for now! K. got me addicted to the show during the 2nd season, and it's rather nice to have something we like watching together. Even when we are not actually together in the same house. lol I will hopefully not stay away from posting for so long again! Until next time!


dianneo said…
I've missed your posts! I hope you keep blogging and I'm glad to hear all is well.
CL said…
I know what you mean about the PH awareness efforts. Mostly it seems to be educating the educated. Maybe speeches to women's groups, etc.

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