Up, Up, And Away!

I have lived in Niagara Falls, NY, my entire life. I have seen the Falls many, many times over the years. I've seen them just walking in the park to watch the fireworks down there. I've seen them by boat, on the Maid of the Mist, at least 5 or 6 times (the last Maid trip, it hailed while we were also being pelted by rain and mist from the Falls themselves! lol). I have yet to see the Falls from behind in the Cave of the Winds, but hopefully soon! This summer, I saw the great Niagara Falls and beyond from a view I had always been told I should see them from, but was never really sure I wanted to....FROM ABOVE!!

In June, after one of the fun casino trips with the seniors at the nursing home, I decided to drive around downtown to see the streets and possible places to park if I ever decided I wanted to go to one of the many events happening during the summer. I eventually ended up near the helipad of Rainbow Air. With a few moments of hesitation, I thought, why not go over there and see if Pat is working, to ask how much it would be for me to go up. Pat is part of the family who has owned the helicopter tour business for many years. I have always been told I should go up for a ride, but always kinda scoffed at the idea. I boldly decided this year, why not?? Even though I was still scared! lol Pat happened to be there, and after chatting for a bit, he asked if I wanted to go up. I said "I DON'T KNOW" and laughed! I asked if I could bring Artie, my oxygen, and he said yes. He told me a tour bus would be coming at any moment, and I could go up with their group, or just come back another time. I still wasn't sure, and then the bus came, making Pat busy for several minutes to get them situated for going up. The next thing I knew, he was coming over to me, and he handed me a number: 13. Oh, just my luck!! LOL Soooo, I guess I was doing this then!!

My hesitation for going up had nothing to do with being scared of being in the sky. I was more worried about motion sickness, which I experienced severely on my first plane ride ever several years ago. I rummaged through my small purse and found a mint, so I thought I could suck on that during the ride since mint can help with queasy tummies. Eventually, I heard my number being called, along with 2 other of the Asian riders from the bus. Time to go up and get our protective earmuffs on! After about another 5 minutes or so of waiting, the helicopter was coming back with the first set of riders. They got off the helicopter, and then it was time for the three of us to go! I was told I was sitting in the front seat with Artie between me and the pilot. Ummmm....ok. I guess. LOL I had a difficult time trying to hoist myself up, but finally did, and then I was being buckled in my seat. And then....LIFT OFF!!! And, well, I'll just let the pics tell the rest of my story of excitement and awe!!!


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