A bit worried, hopefully over nothing...

While I was babysitting this afternoon, Jenny called and left a message to call her about my coumadin and liver enzyme test results. I don't know, I could be panicking, but it seemed like it was urgent. I truly hope it doesn't mean that the Tracleer is starting to effect my liver. I really pray that's not what it is. I couldn't get back to her today b/c the office was closed by the time I got home. Now I have to wait until tomorrow. I know I can't get too worked up about it, b/c I don't know what she'll tell me at all. I just hope I won't have to stop taking Tracleer. I've never felt so good in my life, like I'm able to do things. It's such a wonderful feeling! Yet I worry that it's not working to my benefit. I truly don't want to go on Flolan. Ok, now I need to stop b/c I'm driving myself nuts. Hope I have good news the next time I write.....


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