A Couple Of Updates

Well, when I went to rehab on Tuesday and told the RTs in the office about my free rehab, they said they were going to double check with the financial counselor. They were really surprised I got it approved. They didn't hear from the counselor by the time I was done working out, so they said they'd let me know on Thursday. So, I went to rehab today, and was told that I really should not have been given a free year. However, they talked to some higher ups, and they are still going to honor it. I'm relieved! I guess I'll just have to start putting pennies and nickels away for when the year is over and I need to start paying for rehab again. At least it's still something I won't have to worry about for awhile.

I also got my electric bill yesterday. I had to pick up my jaw off the floor after seeing the bill. Last month, the actual usage was 590kw, and it was about $90-something. This month I only used 193kw, and the bill was $43. Holy crap!! Was my concentrator using THAT much energy?? I couldn't believe the drop!! Of course, I still owe $141 because of the budget plan, but at least I have it for this month. I just couldn't believe it went down that much. So now, I really want to see November's bill because I've been using the heat here and there, and I wonder how much of a difference that'll make. I still plan on keeping things unplugged, though. I still need to get myself a power strip to plug the tv, VCR, and stereo into, so I can turn them all off. I only use them at night (the stereo hardly ever anymore). Every friggin thing I can do helps!!!


I was wondering..is the liquid 02 the same cost or is it more? Like, what's the ratio of savings on electric with maybe higher cost of liquid 02?

At any rate, I commend you on turning off as much as you can in order to save.

God bless your Friday!!
Nancy said…
Yes, concentrators use that much electricity. I bet you have noticed your house is more quiet, too. I did.

I am glad that the liquid is working for you AND saving you money. :o)
Anonymous said…
Wow..i really never thought the concentrator used that much..when i always ask the o2 guys they say it is not alot...Hummm I will educate them on your example..LOL
Hopefully the heat does not do much to raise and and maybe soon you can get a lower payment..

Luv ya Loca...
hugs :))
~ Lor said…
Whew, I'm glad to hear they gave you the free year. Maybe you'll also get lucky and have a mild winter so you wont' need to use much heat. wish I could send you some. Your jewelry looks great. You are doing so good with getting your stuff done. Wish I was. I start and stop, start and stop lol. Someday! Have a good week! hugs, ~ Lori

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