It's February, And There's Snow!

Already eight days into February, and I have yet to write this month. I don't know why I tend to slack off often with my blog?? I need to figure out something where I can write every day. Maybe a website that gives suggestions of what to post. I'll have to look into that today since I'm stuck inside while it snows like crazy out there!

That is the path I shoveled earlier from my front porch to the road, because I get oxygen deliveries on Fridays, and the oxygen guy would not have been able to get to my porch if I didn't do it! Now, normally I do NOT shovel. But, my dad had to go to work really early today, and he usually is the one to make sure the snow is cleared. However, it really didn't start snowing a ton until after 7am, when he was long gone already. Which is why I had to do it. I'm very thankful the snow wasn't heavy! I just shoved it off the porch with the big shovel, and then ever so sloooooowly made my way down the sidewalk, stopping a LOT. I was a little tired, but I got it done!

Afterward, I decided to see if I could make a snowman! I used snow that was accumulating in a pot I still had on my porch, and I created a little snowman. I haven't made one in years!!

Isn't he cute?? After debuting him on Facebook, a phriend asked if I had a carrot. Why yes, I have baby carrots!! So, after the o2 guy came and left, I went back out and gave him a nose!

Now he can breathe!! LOL I had a lot of fun making the snowman! The nice thing was that it actually isn't too freezing out, which was good so I could stay out for a bit to make the snowman! The second time I went out, though, I noticed that the snow was getting a bit wetter and heavier. Perfect weather to make a much bigger snowman, if only I had the energy for that! I'd also consider making a snow angel, but I think that's too much of an effort, and I'm pretty sure I'd really be exhausted! So, I had my fun in the snow this morning, and now I'm staying warm for the rest of the day!!

What's it doing in YOUR area of the world??? To be honest, I'm so sick of winter, and I'm ready for the warm weather to come back!!! 


Teddybear said…
I like your snowman he's cute. We have had lots of snow and today freezing rain.

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