Thursday, March 07, 2013


Yesterday, K. took the day off to go skiing near Ellicottville, NY. The area down there is HUGE during the winter season for skiing, especially on weekends. But go on a Wednesday? Hardly anyone there! Perk!

I have never been skiing, and frankly, I wasn't even interested in trying. Although the temperature was in the upper 30s, and not terribly cold, I know I still would have frozen! And I think I would have been way too tired. So, I stayed inside the lodge near the windows where I could watch out for K, and just enjoy seeing the other skiers coming down the hills! I had a lot of fun, and it was a good time spending it with K!

This is one of the lodges that is in the Holiday Valley area. This is where I hung out!

I thought this light was pretty cool!

There is K, all ready to go! 

K. is on the way up the hill! lol

The nice fireplace! Ironically, I was too hot to sit near it, and it wasn't near the windows!

The outdoor fire pit, that was not working. The logs are made out of metal!

Just me! :)


Teddybear said...

Love your pictures dear. Makes one feel like they came skiing with you guys. I used to water ski but never tried snow skiing looks like fun.


I miss your blog. I hope all is well.