Sunday, May 31, 2009

Remodeling! Part 2!

I got to my parents' this morning around 9:30. After a late start, I started priming the walls in the kitchen behind the fridge, and the afternoon consisted of priming and getting high. Whoo hoo! After 2 coats everywhere, and 3 coats in some areas, the priming was complete! My mom painted the section behind the fridge with the green paint she chose, but it was really light. Even after a 2nd coat, we all agreed that it was a bit too light. So, she'll bring the paint back tomorrow or some time this week to ask them to darken it to the next shade. So, that was the huge majority of what I did today!

Ron worked on putting down the dining room floor, and he got it finished this evening. It looks AMAZING!!! He did a great job, and it really made the room look different!! I do have pictures, but I am way too tired to fiddle with getting them online tonight. I'll work on it tomorrow or at some point this week! Next weekend, the remodeling will continue when Ron puts down the kitchen floor!

I told my mom I'd help finish painting during the week, and she said we'll see. I'm not sure what that means! I think I'll take a break tomorrow, though. My mom works so she won't be taking the paint back right away anyway. Plus, I am really, really, really sore! Just about everywhere!! So besides going out for bloodwork in the morning, I am just going to take it easy!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


The flooring project for my parents' house began today. I was at their house at 9am, and for quite awhile I was upstairs on kid duty! We played with Legos for awhile, and then I took out the old Fisher Price Farm (the ORIGINAL farm, not that plastic shit they have now where you push a button and it makes the animal noises for the kids.....whatever happened to imagination, Fisher Price??? lol), and Mandy's old My Little Pony stable, with a ton of ponies! It brought back some memories!! After awhile, we ventured downstairs, watched some cartoons, and my parents bought a huge thing of pizza for lunch. After that, it was time to move things out of the dining room to get the floor up in the there!

Mandy and Ron ripped up the flooring in the kitchen, all 3 layers of it. However, in the dining room, they decided to leave in the subflooring. So, we wrote on it!! I drew a smiley face, then wrote Floor RIP 5/30/09. Awhile later, my dad was joking about doing a chalk outline of a dead person, so Ron got down on the floor and I drew around him! LOL! The kids were allowed to draw, too, but they were told that was the only time ever, and they couldn't draw on the floors at home. lol

Eventually at some point, we convinced my parents that if they were going to pain the kitchen and dining room again, now was the time to do it since the new floors weren't down yet. So, Joan, her bf Rick, my mom and I went to Home Depot to get some paint samples, and primer for the kitchen. My mom wanted to paint the kitchen, dining room and living room all the same color. I convinced her to just pick out the green color she liked for the kitchen, but she refuses to budge on having two separate colors for the other rooms. She also has some interesting choices in colors. I cannot say any more on that. lol We got back to the house and continued ripping down wallpaper in the kitchen. That took a lot longer than we thought it would, so tomorrow we'll have to go back to start priming and then hopefully painting the color if my mom goes back to get paint in the morning. It'll be another long day, so I am off to bed a heck of a lot earlier than usual!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Busyness!

It's hard to believe that the long weekend is almost over. Weekends don't seem long to me anymore anyway, since it's the same old thing all the time. Not working for 9 years does that to you. Or maybe it's just me! Anyway, my weekend has been rather nice.

My parents' 35th anniversary was last Monday. My sistores and I had been trying to come up with a surprise for them, but we were trying to look around, shop and compare, and come up with the best prices for what we could try to afford. So, we didn't have our surprise ready on Monday to tell them. Friday, however, we put the plan into action! I made a homemade anniversary card with a picture of my parents on the front from Mandy's wedding. On the inside of the card, I wrote some nice stuff, and at the end, gave them 3 options to choose from. They were Surprise #1, #2, and #3! I walked down to my parents' house around 6:30. Joanie was on the porch, and we chatted for a bit. My mom saw me and asked if I was going out to dinner with them, but I said I had already eaten. My parents had no idea what we were planning! My mom came out on the porch to water some plants, and we were chatting for a bit. When Mandy and Ron and the kids pulled up, she said "What's going on?" Then she saw Ron take a cake out of the car, and she said "Ok, what is going on??" We eventually had everyone in the dining room, and I called Lisa and put her on speakerphone. My mom read the card I made so Lisa could hear it, and then my parents had to make the tough decision on which surprise to pick! My dad chose Surprise #3! Then we started throwing out hints. Lisa said you could tap dance on it. Ron said you could eat off it if it was really clean. I can't remember what else was said, but Mandy finally made this big long gesture with her arms and said "It's flooring!" She had to say it 3 times because my parents seemed a big flabbergasted! They were really surprised!! After that, we all sat down to enjoy the ice cream cake, and watch the kids be kids. They are just so cute!!

I spent the early afternoon on Saturday getting rid of some winter clothes, and going through my summer ones to see what I could keep. I ended up getting rid of so many shirts that are just way too small on me. I mean, I'm 33, not 20 anymore. It's not all that attractive to be wearing my low-rise jeans with a shirt that doesn't quite make it to the top of the jeans, and a stomach protruding. LOL So I seriously need to shop for some summer shirts! I'm glad that at least all of the skirts and shorts I had from last summer still fit. Although a couple new pairs could be needed, too!

Saturday evening, we went to dinner at The Silo in Lewiston with my cousin, Ryhan, Aunt Jane, and the little girl they are watching for the weekend. They decided to drive up from Horseheads, NY for a couple days. They had gone to the Buffalo Zoo, then took the little one to the Falls, and then came to my parents' house so we could go to dinner. It was a fun time! Mandy and Ron and the kids came a bit later to have ice cream, and the kids played with the little girl for quite awhile. They were running all over the place! I envy the kids, they have so much more energy than any of the adults there! Ron was running around with them a bit, too, and they were thoroughly enjoying it! Eventually it was time to go! The fresh air was really nice, but I was tired when I got home! I just hung out in the bedroom with Mittens and the laptop until bedtime!

Today I got up and decided to go to church. I called my mom a little too late to ask if she was going too, so I ended up going by myself. Then this afternoon I went with my parents to Home Depot, where Mandy met us to look at flooring. They picked out some options, and bought a few samples to see what it would look like in their house. Then I went to Tops with them, bought a few things, and after they dropped me off at home, I took a brief nap with Mittens! I walked down to my parents' house around 5 and hung out with them. We had a yummy dinner, I looked at the floor samples with them, and then walked home! It's been a tiring day, and I am so ready to go to bed early tonight!!

I don't really have any plans for tomorrow. There are so many things I could be doing. A friend of mine asked me if I could try and sell her daughter's Precious Moments figurines on Ebay, so I need to go through them all, maybe group some, and take pictures. I also want to take pictures of the small bookmarks I made with beads, so I can add them to my Etsy store. Soooo, maybe tomorrow will be picture day?? We'll see, I guess!

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Pics!

I get Mittens a new litter box, and he still likes to hang out on it once in awhile. lol It's usually when I'm at the table eating something he wants and isn't going to get!!

Ok, so I was a little bored. Well, not really. More like, procrastinating! I may have a skirt and short-sleeved shirt on, but I haven't switched over my wardrobe yet. I'm avoiding it for some reason, even though it's been so nice out!!

Mittens is laying like a slug in the background on his bubblewrap. LOL!!

The Cabbage Patch Diaries!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I decided to go to Amherst today, about a 25 minute ride or so from the Falls. There are quite a few stores out there that aren't around here, including Michael's Craft store. I wanted to get a gift card, and of course, browse at beads! So I set out around noonish. I left the house and said goodbye to my little man sitting in the windowsill in the bathroom! He was meowing back at me, and it was just too cute! I wanted to go back into the house to pet him, but I went to the garage, pulled the car out, and pulled up to the side of the house to roll down my window and say goodbye again. lol I made my way to Amherst, jammin' to tunes and enjoying the sunshine and nice weather!

I got to Michael's, and maybe it was a good thing, but there was just not much on sale in the bead department. Oh, I enjoyed browsing everything, but I only bought 3 items. One was on sale, one I got for 40% off with the coupon I printed out (whoo hooo!), and one was just a purchased item. I wandered the store, bought my items and the gift card, and got back to the car. I wanted to go to Ulta! I had seen it when I glanced to the left as I was driving towards Michael's, and I was very excited! Ulta is lotions and stuff, and we got some as gifts from Lisa during Christmas. I just love it! So I get there, and hmmmm. The store looked like it had a lot of empty shelves! I think they were still working on it. I was a bit bummed, but drove down a bit to the Old Navy store to browse there.

I have to say that I used to LOVE going shopping. I remember in high school and college going shopping almost every weekend with my ex-best friend, trying things on, buying stuff. I can't really remember the last time I bought myself clothes. I just can't afford to do it a lot. Well, hardly at all. I've gotten quite a bit of the clothes I've been wearing as gifts, or as donations from people I know who are smaller and believe I can fit into what they used to wear. So, I told myself a few weeks ago that out of the stimulus money I was supposed to get because I'm on SSD, that I am to take some of it and buy clothes!! That being said, I browsed around the summery items in Old Navy for awhile, but much of the stuff I liked was a bit too pricey for my taste. Yes, I feel like I've become a cheapskate because I don't want to spend a lot of money. But, I do like to try finding bargains! And I did, indeed, find the bargains when I got into the Clearance area! This is what I ended up buying (they are all wintery items, but heck, so what??):
*one black sweater for $3.97
*one tannish sweater for $2.77 (I am so serious!!)
*a pair of black slacks (my mom jokes and always says black slacks, I can't seem to not say it lol) for $8.95
*a pair of aqua jogging pants for $4.95!!!

I was so giddy!! Of course, a teeny tiny part of me felt guilty for spending $20 on myself, but then I yelled at myself b/c it was 4 clothing items I was spending this money on, not just 1!! So, after that I drove myself home, jammin' to the music again. I got near my house, and saw Mittens in the bathroom window!! I highly doubt he sat there for almost 3 hours, but it was just sooooo cute to still see him there! I parked the car in the garage, and came walking toward the house, and he started crying before I even said anything to him! Awwwwww!!

I had some lunch, printed some business cards that I need to cut out, and Mittens and I tried to take a nap, but I ended up being on the phone with a friend for awhile. I wasn't expecting her to be home when I called to wish her a happy birthday, but she was! She loves to talk (well so do I lol), and she just went on and on about stuff. Then Joanie called me, and after that I think I slept for like 2o minutes until my mom called me and jolted me awake. I ended up making dinner and watching tv and hosting chat! Ok, maybe not so much hosting since I was trying to watch the season finale of Lost. lol But I was there!

Tomorrow I go to rehab, and then I think I'm forcing myself to stay home for the rest of the day. I've been out of the house every day since last...geesh, Monday??? I feel like I just need to stay home for a day! I have laundry to do, and I also need to get my jewelry ready for a women's conference that Mandy and I are participating in on Saturday. I want to mark the prices on everything so I won't have to keep telling people how much things cost. So even if I do stay home tomorrow after I exercise, I'll feel as if I'm still not getting much rest since I've got things to do here!! Whew!!

And on that note, I'm off to bed! I hope I don't have any scary dreams about the big centipede I just sucked up with my Kone vacuum. Mittens finally found it again (he saw it earlier, but it ran away too fast before I could get it), and I sucked it up and let the Kone run for a minute or two. I'm not going to like cleaning that out when I have to, *SHUDDER.*

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ok, An Update Of Sorts

I know, I said I was going to update the day after my last post, and I never did. Every time I think about posting something, it's so late and I'm too tired to think. Like now. But I thought, I'll type something anyway! So if it doesn't make too much sense, sorry. I'm very tired!!

The movie I saw last Friday night was Obsessed, with BĂ©yonce. I said to my friends, I could have waited a few years and seen it on the Lifetime network. lol It was an ok movie, I'd give it one paw up.

Saturday, my PH support group meeting went very well! I had 25 people, the new location worked out wonderful, and the food was excellent and ABUNDANT!! The speaker was a pharmacist from Accredo, and he discussed the PH meds, how different meds treat a different aspect of PH, and taking other meds while on the PH drugs. Questions were asked, jokes were shared (someone asked about drinking alcohol, and then several more asked about it too....we sounded like a group of lushes LOL), and it was just a really good meeting! My mom and I took home ALL the leftover food! We had so much, we shared with my neighbor upstairs, the neighbors next door to my parents, and Mandy and Ron and the kids! It was nuts!

Sunday my parents and I left for Cleveland, OH, in the early evening, and got there around 9ish. I went to bed about an hour and a half after that, since we had to get up at 6am Monday morning so we could leave by 7am. Rush hour traffic going into Cleveland is insane, so my dad just wanted to make sure we got there with plenty of time left!!

Monday's appts at CCF went well, and pretty much on time! I had an echo and EKG first thing, then bloodwork. Then I had the dreaded (for me) 6 minute walk test, and I told the nurse I didn't want to know anything about how much time I had left. I really hate that!! Of course, I felt like I was ready to give up by the end of it, and then it was over. I did a teeny tiny bit less than back in July when I went, but at least I didn't do any worse! Then I waited for my PH doc. When I finally got called, I only spent about 10 minutes with him! I told him that despite my 6mw, I have been feeling pretty good since starting pulmonary rehab in September, and he was happy to hear this! He didn't feel I needed to increase my Revatio to 40mg (I'm on 30), and I said I didn't feel the need either. Then he said that was it, he didn't know what else to tell me. lol He said it was ok to come back in a year, unless of course, something was wrong! I was basically told the same thing with the adult congenital cardiologist awhile later. He was happy I'm going to rehab, he said my pressures were basically the same as previous echoes, and he also didn't feel I needed to go up on Revatio. So all in all, a good trip to Cleveland!!

The rest of my week went ok for the most part. Thursday I had a terrible migraine that I didn't realize was a migraine until later in the afternoon because I never saw the stars I usually see when I get on. That day threw me off completely!! Yesterday I felt better, and went out for the afternoon to Mandy's to visit and spend some time with the kids. Then I met my friend, Dee, and her parents at a pizza place for dinner. After that I spent the rest of the evening trying to catch up on some tv shows!! I'm so behind on a bunch of them. I caught up on Brothers & Sisters, and Lost, but I have 3 episodes of The Office and Grey's Anatomy left to watch. Hopefully I'll watch them before I start seeing what's been going on with both of them!

Today I think my hormones were on complete overdrive this morning. On a scale of 1-10, I think my irritability level was about, oh, a 20. I felt completely angry and irritated for about 2 hours!! At what?? At absolutely nothing!! I worked on a couple necklaces for Eve, and listened to music, and that eventually calmed me down. I went out to Aldi's after to get some flowers for my mom and Mandy for Mother's Day. The winds were outrageous!! They were gusting at 50mph, and I almost was knocked over in the parking lot on the way back to my car!! I got home and called Erin. We were supposed to be meeting Eve and her son at The Silo, an outdoor restaurant near the Niagara River in Lewiston, NY. However, with the winds, we were afraid of blowing INTO the river!! So, we changed lunch to The Brickyard! While we were there, the power went out 8 times, and the 9th time it was out for at least 40 minutes! They were still able to make us our lunches, though. After lunch, Eve took me to the Outlet mall to buy me sneakers. I got a nice pair by Kelly Ripa! I didn't realize she had her own line of sneakers! Eve dropped me off after that, and I was just so tired, so I crashed for a bit! I don't think it helped much, because I'm even more tired, and it's a little after 11pm. I normally go to bed around 1am, but I'm thinking tonight that an early bedtime is way better for me!!

So now I think I've caught up a bit!! Whew!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I Know, I Know!

I haven't posted since Thursday. I've been busy!! This is what my weekend was like. I'll break it down into details tomorrow!:

*Friday night, movies with a couple of friends
*Saturday, support group meeting, resting
*Sunday, lunch with family and driving to Cleveland
*Monday, PH and cardio appts at Cleveland Clinic, drive home
*Tuesday, pulmonary rehab, errands, hosting PH chat, trying to get some rest!

That basically sums up stuff for now, without the details!! They will be coming asap!! Thanks for your patience! lol