Remodeling! Part 2!

I got to my parents' this morning around 9:30. After a late start, I started priming the walls in the kitchen behind the fridge, and the afternoon consisted of priming and getting high. Whoo hoo! After 2 coats everywhere, and 3 coats in some areas, the priming was complete! My mom painted the section behind the fridge with the green paint she chose, but it was really light. Even after a 2nd coat, we all agreed that it was a bit too light. So, she'll bring the paint back tomorrow or some time this week to ask them to darken it to the next shade. So, that was the huge majority of what I did today!

Ron worked on putting down the dining room floor, and he got it finished this evening. It looks AMAZING!!! He did a great job, and it really made the room look different!! I do have pictures, but I am way too tired to fiddle with getting them online tonight. I'll work on it tomorrow or at some point this week! Next weekend, the remodeling will continue when Ron puts down the kitchen floor!

I told my mom I'd help finish painting during the week, and she said we'll see. I'm not sure what that means! I think I'll take a break tomorrow, though. My mom works so she won't be taking the paint back right away anyway. Plus, I am really, really, really sore! Just about everywhere!! So besides going out for bloodwork in the morning, I am just going to take it easy!!


Nancy said…
Is there a universal mother's language? When my mother said, "We'll see," it always meant 'not in your wildest dreams'. "Maybe" was always yes, but after an extended amount of time. :o)
cindy said…
Hey Colleen. Hope your day is good. BTW, tell Mittens he needs to update his blog. He is getting awfully lazy. LOL
Anonymous said… wonder you are still recouping...hope that you have been resting...and Listen to your MOM...LOL

love & hugs :))

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