The flooring project for my parents' house began today. I was at their house at 9am, and for quite awhile I was upstairs on kid duty! We played with Legos for awhile, and then I took out the old Fisher Price Farm (the ORIGINAL farm, not that plastic shit they have now where you push a button and it makes the animal noises for the kids.....whatever happened to imagination, Fisher Price??? lol), and Mandy's old My Little Pony stable, with a ton of ponies! It brought back some memories!! After awhile, we ventured downstairs, watched some cartoons, and my parents bought a huge thing of pizza for lunch. After that, it was time to move things out of the dining room to get the floor up in the there!

Mandy and Ron ripped up the flooring in the kitchen, all 3 layers of it. However, in the dining room, they decided to leave in the subflooring. So, we wrote on it!! I drew a smiley face, then wrote Floor RIP 5/30/09. Awhile later, my dad was joking about doing a chalk outline of a dead person, so Ron got down on the floor and I drew around him! LOL! The kids were allowed to draw, too, but they were told that was the only time ever, and they couldn't draw on the floors at home. lol

Eventually at some point, we convinced my parents that if they were going to pain the kitchen and dining room again, now was the time to do it since the new floors weren't down yet. So, Joan, her bf Rick, my mom and I went to Home Depot to get some paint samples, and primer for the kitchen. My mom wanted to paint the kitchen, dining room and living room all the same color. I convinced her to just pick out the green color she liked for the kitchen, but she refuses to budge on having two separate colors for the other rooms. She also has some interesting choices in colors. I cannot say any more on that. lol We got back to the house and continued ripping down wallpaper in the kitchen. That took a lot longer than we thought it would, so tomorrow we'll have to go back to start priming and then hopefully painting the color if my mom goes back to get paint in the morning. It'll be another long day, so I am off to bed a heck of a lot earlier than usual!!


Jen said…
How fun...Kid patrol...I know those days seem like forever ago...I had that farm and lots of My Little Ponies;))
You needed to take before & after pics..taht would be cool...Keep playing and I will TTYL...

Love & Hugs:))

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