I decided to go to Amherst today, about a 25 minute ride or so from the Falls. There are quite a few stores out there that aren't around here, including Michael's Craft store. I wanted to get a gift card, and of course, browse at beads! So I set out around noonish. I left the house and said goodbye to my little man sitting in the windowsill in the bathroom! He was meowing back at me, and it was just too cute! I wanted to go back into the house to pet him, but I went to the garage, pulled the car out, and pulled up to the side of the house to roll down my window and say goodbye again. lol I made my way to Amherst, jammin' to tunes and enjoying the sunshine and nice weather!

I got to Michael's, and maybe it was a good thing, but there was just not much on sale in the bead department. Oh, I enjoyed browsing everything, but I only bought 3 items. One was on sale, one I got for 40% off with the coupon I printed out (whoo hooo!), and one was just a purchased item. I wandered the store, bought my items and the gift card, and got back to the car. I wanted to go to Ulta! I had seen it when I glanced to the left as I was driving towards Michael's, and I was very excited! Ulta is lotions and stuff, and we got some as gifts from Lisa during Christmas. I just love it! So I get there, and hmmmm. The store looked like it had a lot of empty shelves! I think they were still working on it. I was a bit bummed, but drove down a bit to the Old Navy store to browse there.

I have to say that I used to LOVE going shopping. I remember in high school and college going shopping almost every weekend with my ex-best friend, trying things on, buying stuff. I can't really remember the last time I bought myself clothes. I just can't afford to do it a lot. Well, hardly at all. I've gotten quite a bit of the clothes I've been wearing as gifts, or as donations from people I know who are smaller and believe I can fit into what they used to wear. So, I told myself a few weeks ago that out of the stimulus money I was supposed to get because I'm on SSD, that I am to take some of it and buy clothes!! That being said, I browsed around the summery items in Old Navy for awhile, but much of the stuff I liked was a bit too pricey for my taste. Yes, I feel like I've become a cheapskate because I don't want to spend a lot of money. But, I do like to try finding bargains! And I did, indeed, find the bargains when I got into the Clearance area! This is what I ended up buying (they are all wintery items, but heck, so what??):
*one black sweater for $3.97
*one tannish sweater for $2.77 (I am so serious!!)
*a pair of black slacks (my mom jokes and always says black slacks, I can't seem to not say it lol) for $8.95
*a pair of aqua jogging pants for $4.95!!!

I was so giddy!! Of course, a teeny tiny part of me felt guilty for spending $20 on myself, but then I yelled at myself b/c it was 4 clothing items I was spending this money on, not just 1!! So, after that I drove myself home, jammin' to the music again. I got near my house, and saw Mittens in the bathroom window!! I highly doubt he sat there for almost 3 hours, but it was just sooooo cute to still see him there! I parked the car in the garage, and came walking toward the house, and he started crying before I even said anything to him! Awwwwww!!

I had some lunch, printed some business cards that I need to cut out, and Mittens and I tried to take a nap, but I ended up being on the phone with a friend for awhile. I wasn't expecting her to be home when I called to wish her a happy birthday, but she was! She loves to talk (well so do I lol), and she just went on and on about stuff. Then Joanie called me, and after that I think I slept for like 2o minutes until my mom called me and jolted me awake. I ended up making dinner and watching tv and hosting chat! Ok, maybe not so much hosting since I was trying to watch the season finale of Lost. lol But I was there!

Tomorrow I go to rehab, and then I think I'm forcing myself to stay home for the rest of the day. I've been out of the house every day since last...geesh, Monday??? I feel like I just need to stay home for a day! I have laundry to do, and I also need to get my jewelry ready for a women's conference that Mandy and I are participating in on Saturday. I want to mark the prices on everything so I won't have to keep telling people how much things cost. So even if I do stay home tomorrow after I exercise, I'll feel as if I'm still not getting much rest since I've got things to do here!! Whew!!

And on that note, I'm off to bed! I hope I don't have any scary dreams about the big centipede I just sucked up with my Kone vacuum. Mittens finally found it again (he saw it earlier, but it ran away too fast before I could get it), and I sucked it up and let the Kone run for a minute or two. I'm not going to like cleaning that out when I have to, *SHUDDER.*


Nancy said…
Wow, you ARE an expert bargain shopper! Great job on the deals that you found on your trip.

Give Mittens a scratch behind the ears for me. :o)
~ Lor said…
Woo hoo - what a score! I love to get a good deal. Wish I lived near you so we could go shopping together. Mittens is so cute, sounds like my Spritey. He can't stand to be away from me. In fact, he's outside the office door crying to get in right now, lol.

Glad you had fun on your shopping trip!
Jen said…
Go Girl...What a bargain shopper...I love bargains...I always feel guilty when I buy me clothes..I guess because I do not work any more..I always looked for sales before(Mom taught me that) but now even more...
I know you are happy with those deals:))
AWW...Mittens missed you Mommy...
Hope to chat with u later...

love & hugs:))

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