I Know, I Know!

I haven't posted since Thursday. I've been busy!! This is what my weekend was like. I'll break it down into details tomorrow!:

*Friday night, movies with a couple of friends
*Saturday, support group meeting, resting
*Sunday, lunch with family and driving to Cleveland
*Monday, PH and cardio appts at Cleveland Clinic, drive home
*Tuesday, pulmonary rehab, errands, hosting PH chat, trying to get some rest!

That basically sums up stuff for now, without the details!! They will be coming asap!! Thanks for your patience! lol


Kathy said…
I know I am happier when I am busy :)
Anonymous said…
Damn Girl..what a busy week ...I know I am still recouping from our PH slumber party;))
Hope you get some much needed rest...
Love & Hugs:)
Annette said…
Wow! I didn't know you guys were having such bad weather! Maybe the weather fronts coming through pushed your hormones around, I know that the weather fronts screw mine up!
I'm so glad that you posted even though you were tired. It's great to hear that your ph appt went so well. Take care, my phriend.

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