New Pics!

I get Mittens a new litter box, and he still likes to hang out on it once in awhile. lol It's usually when I'm at the table eating something he wants and isn't going to get!!

Ok, so I was a little bored. Well, not really. More like, procrastinating! I may have a skirt and short-sleeved shirt on, but I haven't switched over my wardrobe yet. I'm avoiding it for some reason, even though it's been so nice out!!

Mittens is laying like a slug in the background on his bubblewrap. LOL!!


~ Lor said…
Loved your pics - you and Mittens both look great! He reminds me of my Crashy cat, only with long hair.
Jen said…
LOL...Love the pics...Mittens is huge:))
And of course my Fave Red Head looks Beautiful;)) Hope you are having a great weekend..Raining off and on here:((

Love & hugs:)

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