Thursday, November 03, 2011

Cool Dream!

On Tuesday, K. told me that he saw a buck crossing near the area where he was getting his truck looked at. I was a little sad because I was hoping to see a buck when we walked along the trail a couple Saturdays ago. So we made plans to either try going Tuesday night, or maybe Wednesday, and also maybe this Saturday if the weather wasn't too bad. So Tuesday night, I had a dream:

K. and I were walking along a trail, and K. went ahead of me to see if he could find a shortcut. I stood waiting for him and looking around, when suddenly I heard a noise behind me. I turned slowly, and there standing so close was a huge buck! I tried not to gasp since I didn't want to scare it away, but I definitely dropped my jaw in shock. And instead of backing away slowly, I just reached out my hand. The buck moved a little closer and allowed me to pet it. I PET A BUCK!! Now, I know in real life you can't do that, but this was a very cool dream!! So, I'm standing there petting this enormous buck when K. comes back to find me hanging out with a buck! He was completely shocked himself! And then, I woke up.

Yesterday, I drove to K.'s to go for a short walk along the trails again. While we did see a doe and her fawn rather close, and 7 other deer, we didn't see a buck. I thought it was funny, too, that K. did go up a hill that was sort of a trail to see where it led, and I was listening for anything around me in case my dream came true!! Sadly, it didn't! Maybe we'll try for Saturday again, and hope for the best!

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