It's November, And That Means......'s PH Awareness Month!! Once again I'm going to try blogging every day for PH Awareness. I hope I can do it, since I've been bad at blogging every day!!

Pulmonary hypertension is high blood pressure in the lungs. It is rare and it is incurable, and can be life-threatening if not treated.

Anyone can have pulmonary hypertension. It does not discriminate by age or race. However, it does occur more frequently in women of child-bearing age.

Pulmonary hypertension symptoms include shortness of breath, dizziness, and fatigue. Simple daily tasks can become very difficult with PH.

Pulmonary hypertension is not a contagious disease. Very often, people with PH do not even look sick. For this reason, it's often considered an "invisible" health problem.


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