Oral Medication

Tracleer (bosentan) became the first oral treatment for PH, being FDA-approved in 2001. It is taken twice a day, 12 hours apart. Tracleer can cause liver damage, which is why monthly bloodwork is required by all PH patients taking this med. Tracleer can also cause severe birth defects, which is also why women taking Tracleer must also have a monthly pregnancy test. Tracleer costs almost $70,000 a year.

Tracleer was the first PH med that I started. I took the first pill on Oct. 12, 2003. While I didn't notice any huge difference for quite awhile, the first tiny inkling I had of the med working for me was almost a month after I had started it. I had to go vote, and on the way back to my car from the building, it suddenly dawned on me that I wasn't as short of breath as I usually get from walking a distance. I got in my car and cried. Months later, I was dancing at my sister's wedding. I couldn't believe what a change Tracleer made in my daily living, and it made me incredibly thankful for the advances in science since the time I was diagnosed with PH as a baby!!


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