Two weeks from today, by this time in the afternoon, I should be at the airport. In FLORIDA, not up here in Buffalo! I will have HOPEFULLY survived the plane trip with flying colors!! lol I'm finding it hard to believe that the PH conference is almost here!!! I've been slowly trying to prepare for it. The first thing I set aside a couple weeks ago was pajamas. Of all things! Well, eventually I've gotten a lot of my bathroom stuff ready, like shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, lotions, etc. Last week I started getting my meds together. Today I called to make sure all the oxygen stuff is really actually arranged, and after a callback, I found out that I'll be able to use liquid at both hotels! That makes me so happy!! I also got a couple outfits together. It's hard to know what to wear! I mean, it's Florida at almost the end of June. Today it's currently 83, and high humidity. For all I know, 2 weeks from now it might be in the 90s! However, despite the heat outside, the hotel is going to feel like I'm in the artic! I hate freezing cold air conditioning. Sooooo, I honestly have to pack summer and fall clothes. How sad is that??? At least I'm not bringing bulky sweaters. I've mostly got long sleeved shirts that I can have under a tshirt, and then of course a zip down sweater or something like that. It's so much easier to take off layers than not have enough of them! So, things are slowly coming together for my trip. Before I know it, it will be here, and gone in a jiffy!!!


sunshine said…
Soon it would be Florida time, how awesome that you are going, I am sure you will have a wonderful time...

BTW, we are just a short 1hour and 5 minute plane ride from FL (hint, hint), come visit us next time :)
Nancy said…
You are going to have a wonderful time at the PHA conference.

Make sure you take a sweater as the AC in some of the rooms may be cranked up.
LC said…
Hey! I'm going to Conference too. I wanted to know how did you arrange for oxygen? What company did you use? Thanks!
Colleen said…
Hi LC! My oxygen company is Lincare, and I called my local office about a month ago to make arrangements for the plane, and the hotels I'll be at during my stay in Orlando. Lincare has been pretty good! They even called me from Ohio this morning about my oxygen arrangement for tonight since I'll be staying overnight for my appts at Cleveland Clinic. I was impressed! lol

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