Hanging Out

It's been a pretty lazy Saturday today so far. I got up around 9, but didn't actually get out of bed for like half an hour. When I finally rolled out of bed, I threw frozen chicken breasts into the crock pot after I used a rub on them, and topped them with half a bottle of Jack Daniel's hickory smoke bbq sauce. The smell in my apartment is driving me nuts!! In another several hours, I'll have some awesome pulled chicken. K. is coming over for dinner!

Last night, I hung out with one of my friends. She's going through a hard time right now, and so I decided to help her out with my company and booze. She enjoyed it, and so did I! So tonight I'll be hanging out with K. And tomorrow I'll be hanging out with my two best friends from high school (one of them being the friend who needed booze). So pretty much the theme for this weekend is: hanging out!!

Yesterday, during the day, I hung out with my mom. Well, we went on an excursion to Walmart. I bought some stuff I needed, including a few things for the trip. I also bought some ear plug things for my phriend and her daughters, who I'm traveling with. She had asked me to get them because they didn't have them up in Canada where she lives. So I got them, paid for them separately, paid for my other stuff, and my mom and I made our way to the liquor store, and then home. After I unpacked all my stuff, I realized the ear plugs weren't anywhere in site! However, I am sooooo thankful I had kept the receipt separately in my purse. I called my mom to see if she had them, but nope. UGH!! I have never done that before, walk out of a store without the merchandise I had just paid for!! So I called Walmart and talked to Customer Service. I told the gal what happened. I had to give her some number off of the receipt, and she checked to see if the items were at the register I had used, but came back to say nope. She said I would be able to come back with my receipt, get 3 more ear plugs, and bring them to the front desk so that I wouldn't have to pay for them again. I was at least thankful for that! I debated about whether to go back another day, but then I had decided what I wanted to make for dinner tonight, and I needed more bbq sauce and rolls. Sooooo, I got all ready and went back to Walmart! Not a fan of going there twice in a day, but oh well. I got everything and made sure I had all my stuff when I exited the store!!


phtony said…
Ahhhhhhhhhh! My eyes! I'm blind! or...what's with the the font Colleen? :)

Just wanted to say hiya. Hope you're doin well. Looks like you've been doin a lot of hangin out :)

PH conference next week? I haven't even been keeping track...east coast too - for shame. Have fun down in Tebow country. I want pics!

Tell everyone I said hi & hope they're doin well - see ya around.


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