The Results Are In!

My trip to Cleveland to go for my appts went well! I saw my cardiologist on Wednesday afternoon, after my echo was done. My cardio is always late for appts. Unless you're the first one of the day, you're fine! But my appt was at 4pm, and we didn't see him until after 5. Sometimes the waiting can be irritating, BUT, I absolutelly love him and he will stay with you to discuss things in detail for as long as you want. This is why his appts run so behind every day! Anyway, my echo results were very good! My heart is not enlarged at all, which is awesome! While the pressures in my heart are still estimated to be very high, my cardio said that for me, he's not really sure that matters at all. Being an Eisenmenger patient, my body has adjusted to living this way for so long, and the pressures aren't going to really get better no matter what meds I'm on. But I'm functioning pretty well, my exercise capacity has been good this year, and that's what counts the most! So after we talked about my heart, I told my cardio I'd be at the PHA conference next weekend, and that we'd be doing a short video together. He was excited! He said he'd been wondering if the person he films with would be someone he knew. Well, now he knows the answer to that!!

Thursday morning, I had my 6 minute walk test, the one test I hate the most. The entire time I walked, I thought about my dear phriend, Mason, who had passed away 3 years ago to the day. I kept talking to him in my head, telling him he was with me, and that I could do this! Something must've worked, because I ended up doing better on the walk than I did last year. Yay!! Awhile after that, I saw my PH doctor. I also love him!! He's easy to talk to, not that much older than me, which is kinda cool, and he said it looked like I was doing very well! He told me I could take dramamine before my flight, if I felt the need. I'm just not sure about that yet, though. Anyway, my dad and I left the Clinic around noon, with no reason to return until around this time next year!

My dad had asked about directions to the Cleveland Aquarium while I was having my echo done on Wednesday, so when we left the Clinic, we headed in the direction of the fishies. It took some time getting there, but I got to see parts of Cleveland I've never seen before (in my 10 years of going there!). The aquarium was actually an old converted power plant, and it was neat! There were all sorts of fish, and the tanks were different than what I'm used to seeing at our aquarium  here. I took a bunch of pics, which I'll try to upload in another post. It is so hard to capture fishies on film!! They don't like to just sit there for you and smile. LOL! The coolest part was the tunnel of glass, with fish and sharks swimming over our heads. I almost wish I could have a bedroom like that!! We were there for an hour or so, and then we walked to a restaurant kinda close by that was on the water. I wish my phone hadn't almost lost power, because I wanted to take pictures of the huge boats and the enormous barge that drifted by the restaurant! I guess I'll just have those images in my head!!

So my trip to Cleveland went very well! I like that I don't have to go back until next year, unless anything has changed significantly, of course!! Now, on to focusing on my trip to Florida! I can't believe it's almost here!!


CL said…
Yay!! Congrats on the good reports and the fun at the aquarium with your dad.
sunshine said…
Fantastic news about your test and well of course your health!

I am also glad you got to do something different this trip and visit the aquarium, can't wait for some pictures!

Please visit my blog when u have some time, I am hosting a lil' giveaway!!!

Have a great weekend :)

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