Time For A Tune-Up!

The past three years, I've been going to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio to see my cardiologist and PH specialist. Usually I can see both of them on the same day, and usually it's been a Monday, so my parents' and I would just travel to Ohio on the Sunday before, and stay overnight. This year didn't quite work out that way. When appts were being scheduled, I wasn't able to see both doctors on the same day in May. In fact, I would be able to see one of them one week, and the other one two weeks later. Ummmm, no way I was going to travel twice to Cleveland! So I asked the scheduler (a very very nice woman!) about June. She was able to get appts two days apart. Those two days are tomorrow and Thursday, so I'll be leaving in the morning with my dad! My cardiologist appt is tomorrow, along with a lovely echo. Shouldn't be too bad, the wait just might be long! Thursday will be my dreaded 6 minute walk (I really hate that test), and then a visit with my PH doc. And I should hopefully be out of there by noon-ish. I've asked my dad about going to the new Cleveland aquarium, so I really hope he's willing to go! We never do anything extra when we're there. It's just appts, everything's good, ok let's go home. Soooo, since we'll have plenty of time before we need to travel back home (I mean, it's only like a 3 hour trip give or take), I'd like to do something fun! So here's hoping for good results from my tests, and that I'll be able to go look at some fishies on Thursday!! lol


Anonymous said…
We went to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Museum when I had my appointments. That was fun to browse through, but I think I'd like the Aquarium more. Hope all goes well and you and your dad have a special time.
sunshine said…
Have a great time in Cleveland, hope all your test come out great! Say hello to the fishies for me :)

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