Cleveland Aquarium!

Here are some of the pics I took at the aquarium last week! Side note: I'm getting really frustrated with my the camera on my phone. I think it's partly my fault, since I've dropped it way too many times lately. But, some of my pictures look fine as thumbnails, until you enlarge them, and then realize it's corrupted and doesn't look anything like whatever you just took. I had to delete a whole bunch of pics from the aquarium since they just looked like nothing. UGH!! I can't wait to get a new phone in a few months! Anyway, these were some of my favorites!

 I wasn't sure if these guys were alive. I mean, they didn't move at all! My dad said he did see the first alligator blink, though!! lol

 Angelfish! We used to have these when I was a little kid! I loved them!
 These are lobsters in the ceiling! There was a little girl in the same area as us, and when she saw the lobsters, she said, "Look mommy, spiders!" They really do kinda look like spiders from below!

 Wrapped around the coral was a sea snake, I think that's what they were called. They were neat!
 This little guy was one of my favorites, and reminded me of being a kid and watching these fish at our aquarium. They love to dig in the sand and then spit stuff out! I could've watched him for hours!!
 My dad loved the colors on this fish. Very beautiful!
 The rays were one of my favorites. They just glide along so easily, made me wish I could swim with them (of course, I'd have to learn how to swim first lol).

 The big horseshoe crab climbed right on top of the little one and wouldn't move. Meanie! lol

 Almost seemed like this shark wasn't real! And apparently, this isn't full grown yet!

 This is the tunnel you walked through near the end, with fishies, sharks, and rays swimming over your head. I think it was my favorite part!


phtony said…
1st thought when I saw lobsters above pic was: ALIENS!

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