Counting My Blessings

A phriend of mine posted something on her Facebook wall several weeks ago, an idea that I totally loved. Basically, it said to get some sort of jar or container, and write down something you were thankful for every single day of the year. How awesome is that?? I know that some people have terrible days, myself included, but there is SOMETHING to be thankful for every day, even if it's just to be thankful for waking up! So, I've started my own jar!

I have an old Mason jar,
little white squares of paper,
and a black pen
I keep these items on my bedroom nightstand, and every night before bed, I've thought of something to write down, including the date. I fold the paper up, and drop into the jar. So by the end of 2013, I can go back and read all my notes to see the things I've been so thankful for during the year! Awesome idea, no?? I only wish I had known about it for last year, because that was a very amazing year for me! Oh well, at least I know about it now!! Maybe it's something you can do as well?? 


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