Failed Escape

I have been stuck in the house since last Thursday. Over the weekend it was brutally windy, and I have a hard time going out in that sometimes, so I just stayed put. And then the deep freeze set in for the week. There have been some days where it hasn't even reached 10 degrees (F)!! And of course the wind chill is even worse!! Needless to say, I'm going a little nutty being by myself this entire week. Even Mittens wants me to leave the house (no, he didn't say that, but sometimes I think he wants me to! lol)!

What have I been doing all week?? Besides going stir-crazy?

Well, I've chatted away on the phone with several people:

I baked some oatmeal cranberry cookies (except I didn't realize the dried cranberries I bought were really cherries.....still awesome cookies!!):

I also made a yummy pot of black bean veggie soup, which I think I'm addicted to making!:

I started walking on my treadmill again, something I've been meaning wanting forgetting to do for MONTHS:

I've been reading my book like crazy!! I'm over halfway through with it, it's so good!!:

I've done a little cleaning, but really, not as much as I could have done!:

And of course, I've been spending too much a lot of time online!

So today, I thought I might possibly go out for a little bit and run a couple errands. I thought it was supposed to be a little "warmer," but nope! When the oxygen guy came for delivery as usual on Fridays, I stood inside my living room talking to him while the door was open. Oh my gosh!! In those ten minutes, I froze my butt off!! I did NOT go outside this afternoon!! But I WILL go out tomorrow since I have a breakfast meeting/conference thing to attend with my mom in the morning! Supposedly it's supposed to be like 25 degrees. That's going to feel like a heat wave!!! lol


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